How To Deal With Back Pain

How To Deal With Back Pain
How To Deal With Back Pain

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A strong back is the exception rather than the rule today. Excess weight, physical inactivity, computer work do not affect the spine in the best way.


For most people, back pain occurs due to damage to the intervertebral discs, joints between the processes, as well as the bony bodies of the vertebrae themselves. Doctor of Medical Sciences Vladimir Merkulov is convinced of this.

“With age, the discs between the vertebrae lose water, their thickness decreases,” explained Vladimir Nikolaevich. - As a result, the mobility of individual elements of the spinal column increases, which irritate the pain receptors of the intervertebral joints.

It should be said that often even people with pronounced "age-related" changes in the spine do not have back pain. Often, a herniated disc is combined with pain by accident.

In recent years, according to Vladimir Merkulov, more and more importance in the development of persistent back pain has been given to the so-called facet syndrome, a particular form of osteoarthritis that affects the articular apparatus of the spine.

Pain in facet syndrome can be both unilateral and bilateral, localized near the spine, more often in the lumbar region with spread to the thigh. It often appears in the morning, but during the day it goes away and intensifies again after exertion in the evening.

There are many ways to deal with back pain. Among them, for example, massage, drug and manual therapy. Recently, magnetotherapy is also gaining popularity.

“Many people, including my patients and some famous athletes, note that it was magnetotherapy that helped them get rid of pain,” says the doctor of the highest category Diana Gadieva. - Magnets are believed to relieve back, muscle and joint pain. Magnets are usually applied to sore spots and worn for a period of time, and they come in all kinds of sizes and shapes.

As doctors note, magnetotherapy, unlike, say, drug therapy, is harmless. But at the same time it is no less effective. The main thing, according to doctors, is not to start the disease and come to the doctor on time. And prevention is also very important. Doctors advise to move more, monitor nutrition and weight, and also correctly, under the supervision of a physiotherapy specialist, "load" the back, creating a muscle corset that supports the spine.

In general, the health of your back is entirely up to you.

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