Liver Cirrhosis Threatens Not Only Alcoholics

Liver Cirrhosis Threatens Not Only Alcoholics
Liver Cirrhosis Threatens Not Only Alcoholics

Video: Liver Cirrhosis Threatens Not Only Alcoholics

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Video: Alcoholic Liver Disease, Animation 2023, February

Russian doctors told on the pages of the media about who may be at risk of a dangerous liver disease. Experts have dispelled the myth that cirrhosis of the liver is a problem exclusively for those who abuse alcohol.

In particular, hepatologist Tatyana Stepanova said that, in addition to alcohol, viral hepatitis and hepatosis lead to the development of liver cirrhosis. At the same time, hepatosis often overtakes those with pronounced overweight, as well as those who have been taking potent drugs and dietary supplements for a long time.

According to Stepanova, athletes who consume a lot of proteins, sports vitamins and injections of steroids also become victims of cirrhosis.

“Cirrhosis can also be a congenital pathology, the disease is observed even in children. Fortunately, this is rare,”the doctor added in an interview with“Interlocutor”.

Also, the quality of the food consumed affects the high risk of disease. As the endocrinologist-nutritionist Vadim Krylov explained, fatty food makes the liver produce bile as quickly as possible and thus overloads this organ. If there are already problems with the liver, you need to give up fried, salty, spicy and any sweets, the specialist noted.

Experts recalled that cirrhosis is almost impossible to notice on your own, and often live with this disease for years. If cirrhosis of the liver clearly manifests itself, it means that the state of the body is already severe, the doctors said.

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