We Will Still Have Time: Basic Exercises To Prepare For The Summer Season

We Will Still Have Time: Basic Exercises To Prepare For The Summer Season
We Will Still Have Time: Basic Exercises To Prepare For The Summer Season

Video: We Will Still Have Time: Basic Exercises To Prepare For The Summer Season

Video: We Will Still Have Time: Basic Exercises To Prepare For The Summer Season
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Judging by the temperature outside the window, the summer was "zeroed". And yet the countdown has started: there are only a few days left until summer. It is unlikely that this year we will be able to get out on vacation to the distant seas, but to sunbathe on the balcony or beautifully repeat #pillowchallenge, we cannot do without exercise. Ruslan Panov, expert methodologist and coordinator of the X-Fit group programs in Russia, tells about how to prepare for the summer season with health benefits.

Despite the difficult situation with the virus, I still want to be in shape by the summer. Experts keep repeating that it is worth exercising and maintaining a healthy lifestyle regardless of the season to maintain muscle tone. However, over and over again, from year to year, the same thing repeats itself: a couple of weeks before the beginning of summer, we recall with horror that we again forgot to lose weight. The desire to lose weight as quickly as possible is fraught with hormonal disorders, the development of depressive conditions and other disruptions in the body. Therefore, you need to change the regime carefully, thoughtfully and gradually - and traditionally it is worth starting with a review of your diet.

“When the degree of stress goes off scale, and the refrigerator is just a stone's throw away, homebody on the occasion of self-isolation risks turning into a couple of extra pounds. It is difficult to resist a sandwich, homemade pies and other high-calorie foods. In the meantime, it largely depends on nutrition in what form we will meet the summer, - explains Irina Troska, director of fitness at X-Fit in Russia. - Observe the drinking regime, do not "nibble" and do not abuse alcohol: it depresses the nervous system and has a bad effect on the skin. It is now more important than ever to keep track of calories and the balance of proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Lay on greens, fruits and vegetables, skip fried foods, foods high in sugar and trans fats."

“When adjusting your diet and diet, in no case go to extremes and do not go on hunger strikes. If you are used to eating heavy foods, then the abrupt transition to salads and smoothies will become the strongest stress for your body. During starvation, the body ceases to receive energy and substances necessary for its normal functioning. However, few people take into account that in addition to physical activity, there is also an intellectual and psychoemotional load, which significantly increases under conditions of quarantine and also requires energy costs. In this case, the adipose tissue will indeed go away, but serious damage will be caused to health,”emphasizes Ruslan Panov.

“Eating well is not about losing weight or maintaining weight. First of all, it is worth eating right in order to be healthy and maintain youth, and a beautiful appearance and a fit body are a consequence of internal health,”continues Irina Troska.

As you revisit your menu, increase your physical activity by gradually building up your pace and load. Proper nutrition and competent training are much more effective than a hunger strike in the complete absence of sports. Perhaps the result will not be as fast as we would like, but stable and without harm to health. When the body loses fat tissue too quickly, the hormonal system does not have time to rebuild and malfunctions begin, which directly affect the rate and quality of metabolism. In this case, the quickly lost weight will return very soon and with a high degree of probability will become 50% -100% higher than the initial one.

For the result to be noticeable immediately, it is recommended to train every day, but with a different load. For example, two workouts per week should be as intense as possible, interval, two functional, and two more for recovery. Alternate types of load and intensity, be sure to include warm-up, stretching and cardio in your workout program, and give yourself time to recover. Weight lifting can be gradually added to bodyweight exercises. If you don't have fitness equipment at hand, then any convenient household utensils will do. For example, water bottles can be used for strength training, towels, balls, or pillows for functional exercise, neuroplasticity, or myofascial release.

What basic daily exercise will help you prepare for the summer season?

You can start with standard squats (with fixation of the pelvis during lifting) and lunges with an angle of 90 ° in the knees, planks, crunches (crunches on the press), as well as classic push-ups and push-ups with a wide and narrow set of arms. It is critically important to pay attention to the technique of performing the exercises, since the effectiveness and safety of the training depends on it. In addition, at home you can dance, and do yoga and Pilates, and perform specialized complexes if you like martial arts.

Record results can be achieved in about two weeks. The maximum weight in which it is permissible to go on a tough training and nutrition regimen is 80 kg for women and 100 kg for men. With a higher weight, preliminary preparatory work is necessary, after which you can start intensive training. It will take 3-4 months to achieve a stable high-quality result with this weight.

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