5 Exercises To Help You Get In Shape After Vacation

5 Exercises To Help You Get In Shape After Vacation
5 Exercises To Help You Get In Shape After Vacation

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Not only travel agencies, but also fitness clubs have seasonal requests. If in spring coaches often hear the question “How to prepare for the beach season?”, In September, rested and tanned clients return to recover from their vacation. Especially for Harper’s Bazaar, X-Fit expert-methodologist Ruslan Panov, together with the chef of the Tekhnikum and Sakhalin restaurants and the author of the book “Not boring food”, Vitaly Istomin, prepared a special program that will help bring the body into the desired shape quickly and tasty. We advise you to repeat these exercises 3 times a week for a couple of months and remember a simple safety rule: we only tighten the muscles of the abdomen and upper back, the shoulders and neck remain relaxed.

Exercise 1

From a vertical position with legs connected, fix one foot and alternately lunge forward and backward with the other leg. During the forward lunge, we add torso rotation, while the backward lunge, we reach up with our arms. Keep the front knee strictly at an angle of 90 degrees. One set - two blocks of 15 reps.

Exercise 2

The back is tilted from 30 to 45 degrees relative to the floor, arms criss-cross on the shoulders. Bringing the shoulder blades to the spine, slowly turn the body. One set has 20 pairs of repetitions.

Exercise # 3

Starting position - light squat, feet close together. During the jump, we spread our feet wide, remaining in the same position. Repeat the exercise quickly for 60-90 seconds.

Exercise 4

We rise to the bar. Transferring the weight of the body to the hands, by jumping we pull both hips to the stomach and fix the pelvis. Return to the plank with a jump. We repeat 60-90 seconds at a fast pace.

Exercise # 5

We lie on our back, the lower back is firmly pressed to the floor. We stretch our legs up and gradually lower them down until they are parallel to the floor. We carry out the exercise until the feeling of the extreme work of the press. Important: in no case do we tear off the lower back from the floor.

PHOTO: Maria Dolenko

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