How Not To Get Fat During Quarantine

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How Not To Get Fat During Quarantine
How Not To Get Fat During Quarantine

Video: How Not To Get Fat During Quarantine

Video: How Not To Get Fat During Quarantine
Video: How NOT To Get Fat During Quarantine 2023, March

Due to the coronavirus pandemic, many people have started working from home. Activities in this format involve even fewer movements performed by a person during the day. Unfortunately, with the closure of fitness clubs, maintaining your normal weight at home, moreover, eating food right at the workplace is quite difficult. Rambler tells how not to start your body during quarantine.

Healthy sleep

Staying at home can relax the person, thereby disrupting the normal rhythm of life and delaying the time at which the employee usually goes to bed. The absence of the need to spend time on packing and on the road leads to the fact that the sleep schedule shifts somewhat, and the ability to do some business at home pushes sleep to a far corner.

Meal timing

If a person slept at home, then he can start his duties without having breakfast, which negatively affects the body. The same applies to lunch and dinner: do not put off your usual meal.


Not every woman can devote a couple of hours to playing sports, so you can replace physical exercise by cleaning the house: an alternative activity option will bring double benefits.

Unhealthy food

The coziness and comfort of being at home makes you want to make your quarantine even more "sweet" by buying various harmful products: sweets, chips and other goodies. Such a momentary pleasure is quite capable of turning into excess weight.

Eating at the computer

When working from home, it is difficult to refrain from eating right in the workplace, that is, at the home computer. Unconsciousness of food intake in this case may be reflected in the fact that a person swallows more food than was intended.

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