Doctors Abandoned A Russian With A Rotting Stomach To The Mercy Of Fate

Doctors Abandoned A Russian With A Rotting Stomach To The Mercy Of Fate
Doctors Abandoned A Russian With A Rotting Stomach To The Mercy Of Fate

Video: Doctors Abandoned A Russian With A Rotting Stomach To The Mercy Of Fate

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Dmitry Kurdyukov's health problems began in the fall of 2019, when, as a result of an incorrectly diagnosed alcoholic pancreatitis, a man's stomach was removed. A few days later, a resident of Krasnoturyinsk was again on the operating table. Yekaterinburg doctors carried out more than ten sanitization of the abdominal cavity to the unfortunate man. In addition, two probes were placed in the patient's abdomen: for feeding food and removing saliva.


Soon Kurdyukov was discharged and sent home, where local doctors had to take a seriously ill man under the so-called "special control". When Dmitry, together with his wife Tatyana, appeared at the local hospital, the doctors were frankly surprised at his appearance among the living.

“When we came to our hospital for an appointment, they were shocked that he was alive. They put an end to Dima. The recommendations were not fulfilled, I took care of my husband myself, "RIA Novosti reports the words of the wife of a sick Sverdlovsk resident.

As luck would have it, in addition to quarantine and restrictions, a talented doctor, in whom the Kurdyukovs so hoped, also died. It turned out that the doctor was killed by the coronavirus.

Despite good care and attention from his wife, the lack of treatment soon again affected the condition of the unfortunate - in the summer of 2020, he became much worse. Then Tatyana began to knock out a referral to the Tyumen regional hospital, where subsequently her husband was again cleansed of the cavity from suppuration. As a result of illness and forced procedures, Dmitry lost 30 kilograms.

“It seems to me that he is rotting from the inside. There is a smell at home. Discharge from the tubes suddenly increased sharply. I talked about all this in our hospital - to no avail,”complained the wife of the unlucky patient.

Another operation on Kurdyukov's long-suffering stomach is scheduled for March 9th. Now the family of a resident of Krasnoturyinsk intends to bring to justice not only the local hospital, where doctors literally ignored the fact of the existence of a seriously ill patient, but also the Sverdlovsk Ministry of Health.

As the publication reports, the press service of the regional Ministry of Health rather carefully commented on the claims of the Kurdyukov family to the department.

“We can only state that the patient was offered and is offered various forms of interaction, including surgical patronage, which he, according to doctors, at first refused, and now receives. A referral for treatment in one of the hospitals of the Tyumen region, as requested by the patient, was issued to him,”it was reported.

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