What Tests Do Sobchak, Ponaroshku And Other Stars Take After Health Care?

What Tests Do Sobchak, Ponaroshku And Other Stars Take After Health Care?
What Tests Do Sobchak, Ponaroshku And Other Stars Take After Health Care?

Video: What Tests Do Sobchak, Ponaroshku And Other Stars Take After Health Care?

Video: What Tests Do Sobchak, Ponaroshku And Other Stars Take After Health Care?
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Experts assure that if the majority of people in our country underwent an annual medical examination, this would make it possible to detect a much larger number of diseases in the early stages. Alas, not all of us are attentive to our own health. More often we go to doctors when the problem already exists. Let's talk about the stars that can definitely serve as an example when it comes to check-ups.

Checklist from Elena Malysheva

The first thing that comes to mind is Elena Malysheva. As they say, the status itself ordered her, because she is not only the host of the health program, but also the doctor. Malysheva does not get tired of telling that every year it is mandatory to take a general blood test, as well as a biochemical one - with the determination of tumor markers, blood lipids, liver enzymes, sugar, glycated hemoglobin and blood coagulation. In addition, Elena Vasilievna does not forget to do mammography, ultrasound of the abdominal organs and once every two years gastro- and colonoscopy. The study of the state of the large intestine, according to Malysheva, literally saved her life. Several years ago, she was diagnosed with a polyp, which was promptly removed, as it could develop into a malignant formation. The TV presenter, like many doctors, reminds that colonoscopy should be done regularly for all people over fifty years old - even if nothing bothers you.

We add that Malysheva is one of the few public figures who openly talks about resorting to botox and hyaluronic acid injections when it comes to facial care. These methods help to replenish the moisture deficit in the skin and fill in wrinkles from the inside. Most often, celebrities assure in interviews that they do not use Botox to keep their facial expressions alive. But it seems that not everyone can be trusted.

Elena MalyshevaGlobalLookPress

Rustle: only proven vitamins and no meat

44-year-old Olga Shelest often hears well-deserved compliments addressed to her. The TV presenter and mother of two daughters looks great. After giving birth, she managed to get back into shape quite quickly - moreover, she became slimmer than before the birth of children. And all thanks to the rejection of meat and a general correction of their diet. Shelest often says that she regularly makes health check-ups, for which the therapist praises her. She takes blood tests, monitors the level of sugar, hemoglobin and iron (very important for vegetarians who do not get ferrum from meat), every spring she takes hormones.

Instagram @olgashelest

Olga became a vegetarian for a long time. And if before she could easily eat a pack of dumplings (after another diet), then for several years the TV presenter's friends know that she cannot be seduced with barbecue. Shelest generally refused food of animal origin, replacing cow's milk with vegetable milk. In order for the level of essential trace elements to be normal, a young mother takes proven dietary supplements and vitamins.

Passion - to get tested

Instagram @irenaponaroshku

But the real guru in terms of analyzes and health control is, perhaps, Irena Ponaroshku. The girl jokes that the rich have their own quirks, and personally she has to get tested! The list of indicators that she monitors every three to six months cannot be called modest. And it includes:

CBC total protein albumin iron serum ferritin latent YSS zinc selenium magnesium iodine calcium total and ionized potassium folic acid homocysteine glycated hemoglobin total cholesterol HDL, LDL triglycerides creatinine uric acid vitamin D vitamin B12, AST6OH vitamin B12


Have you ever had a similar number of tests? Perhaps Irena has such a long list also because she is a vegetarian - people who have given up meat should be more careful than others to monitor the indicators of a number of trace elements in the body. Everyone else in the spring should first go to a local therapist, who, based on your complaints (usually many of us complain about fatigue, lack of energy, interruptions in sleep, improper diet), will send you for a number of tests. It is at least pointless to buy vitamin complexes at the pharmacy without the consent of the doctor - you need to clearly understand what the body lacks.

Instagram @ekaterinaandreeva_official

Continuing the conversation about the stars, we will boldly add TV presenters Ekaterina Andreeva and Ksenia Sobchak to the ranks of exemplary patients. The first one regularly takes blood and hair tests and bioresonance research (diagnostics allows you to catch changes in the electromagnetic oscillations of cells) of the body. Then it acts in accordance with the recommendations of the doctor. Maybe that's why at 59 he looks 20 years younger?


Finally, Ksenia Sobchak undergoes a comprehensive examination of the body and detox once a year. The host of the author's YouTube show also takes vitamins and tries to start every day with a workout in the gym, because good physical shape also works for immunity.

Photo: Instagram, GlobalLookPress, Pexels.com

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