Why Dream Of Water In A Dream For A Woman And A Man

Why Dream Of Water In A Dream For A Woman And A Man
Why Dream Of Water In A Dream For A Woman And A Man

Video: Why Dream Of Water In A Dream For A Woman And A Man

Video: Why Dream Of Water In A Dream For A Woman And A Man
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People often dream of water, both clean and dirty. She is a significant symbol with which the subconscious is trying to give a hint. Dream Interpretations will help decipher what water is dreaming of in a dream for a woman and a man.

How water is interpreted in the most popular dream books

A dream with water can be interpreted in different ways, so the explanation must be correlated with yourself and with the latest events in your life. Water is not always a harbinger of good events. So, for example, muddy and dirty water can speak of bad things.

Modern dream book

A modern dream book interprets dreams with water for men and women in the same way. The main differences between good and bad sleep are the degree of transparency of the water, and under what circumstances it was dreamed.

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Drinking mineral water is the fulfillment of the most important desire, new opportunities, the protection of higher powers. Clean water in the bath - problems in the relationship with a loved one. Sliding down the gutter is an unexpected way out of a sticky situation. Falling off the gutter is a warning that you need to abandon dishonest intentions and crimes. Learning to row on water - you need to be more careful with your choice of friends. Driving a kayak or canoe - there will be a large influx of problems soon. Treating someone with drinking water is a fair reward for their efforts. Being at a mineral spring - hard times are coming to an end, satisfaction and carelessness come to life. Splashes falling on the head - reciprocity in feelings built on passion. Playing and swimming in water is a sudden meeting of a new love. Drinking clear water is a cloudless future, the favor of fate. Drinking muddy is a disease. Finding yourself in polluted water is suffering due to numerous mistakes. To see yourself with wet feet and raking out water from somewhere - diseases, troubles, troubles, which, nevertheless, will be quickly left behind. A ship sinking in dirty water has exactly the same interpretation as in the previous paragraph. Seeing the flooding of your home is a confrontation with evil. Cloudy water - you need to beware of danger. Pure - well-being, getting pleasure from life. Strangers or any objects are reflected on the surface of the water - deception and disappointment in events or loved ones. Seeing your reflection in the water is self-deception. Troubled water - there will be a lot of worries and worries in the coming days. Calm - to a carefree, easy life.

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According to the modern dream book, what pure water dreams of for a woman in a dream is also interpreted as an early opportunity to create a family hearth. Dream interpreter from Vanga

The Bulgarian fortune teller attached great importance to water as a symbol of life. Therefore, she gave an explanation of dreams in some detail.

Depending on the circumstances, water in a dream, according to Vanga, has the following meanings:

Ripples or circles on the surface of the water are very difficult circumstances, overcoming which a person gains power not only over his own destiny, but also over other people. Clean water in the sea - prosperity, financial well-being. Sinking is resistance to inevitable circumstances. Health will be undermined, and life will be somewhat shorter. The sinking of the home is unexpected news, some of which will drastically change your life. Dirty water - difficult relationships with people, unfortunate coincidence of circumstances, troubles. Water pours on a person from above - an energy flow from higher forces. If you do not resist it, then there will be an opportunity to become famous all over the world. Drinking cold clean water is purification, the acquisition of new positive qualities, thanks to which life will turn for the better.

Clean water, according to Vanga, is a symbol of oblivion, forgiveness of sins, renewal, resolution of contradictions. Freud's interpretation of water

Freud did not attach much importance to the degree of water pollution when interpreting dreams. He paid more attention to the circumstances accompanying water. He considered dirt to be a symbol of a different interpretation. For Freud, water is, first of all, sexual relations, childbirth, conception.

Why does water dream for a woman:

Jumping, entering and leaving the water is an irresistible desire to become a mother. Swimming in the river - to the imminent onset of pregnancy. Looking into the water as in a mirror is narcissism, one's own health and appearance are too important. To save a drowning man - to the desire to have a child from him.

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Why does water dream for a man:

Drinking water - problems in the functioning of the genitals. Swimming is the satisfaction of intimate pleasures with a loved one. Splashing water - the emergence of new strange fantasies. To save a drowning woman is to want an intimate relationship with her. For both sexes, pouring water in a dream means a desire to meet with a partner, followed by sexual contact.

Spilled water in a dream

A wide interpretation is given in different dream books of spilled water. Dreams are interpreted according to the combination of accompanying circumstances and the color of the spilled liquid.

Interpretation by the color of water:

multi-colored - a bright life full of positive emotions; black - disappointment, tears, grief and other negative emotions; turquoise - characterizes a person as a harmonious personality; blue - troubles, quarrels with loved ones, illness due to the inability to adequately assess the perception of others and life circumstances; orange - achieving spiritual balance; red - the entry into life of new love, the strengthening of existing relationships; green - to a dull mood; blue - a pleasant meeting, acquaintance; white - serenity, a feeling of love.

Why dream of water in a dream for a woman on the floor in an apartment:

in the kitchen - to unwanted, unexpected guests; immediately wipe up spilled water - to financial stability; wipe the liquid with the hem of your dress or skirt - career growth, good deals, improving your financial situation; pouring liquid on the floor - to a rash waste of money.

In the House:

water running down from the ceiling - unexpected quick losses; flowing beyond the threshold - a valuable gift from a loved one; clean on the floor - getting a new position, increasing income, fixing problems at work.

Interpretation of a dream with spilled water, dreamed of by a man:

wet floor - good health; a puddle of clean water on the floor - an invitation to a meeting that will leave pleasant memories; dirty water on the floor is an alarming baseless experience.

Also, for both sexes, there are other interpretations of water in dreams:

dripping from the ceiling - monetary profit, inheritance, long-term financial stability; soapy, dirty, unpleasantly smelling water - gossip, a desire to dishonor envious people; leaking water from under the floor - in the near future we should expect intrigues from enemies; wiping a puddle on the floor - improving your reputation, quickly retreating problems, making new friends; it is not possible to wipe spilled water - an infectious disease is possible; pouring dirty water - to quick disappointments in life; spilling water in an unfamiliar apartment - good health, the embodiment of all plans, general well-being. The meaning of sleeping with spilled water may vary depending on the room, related items, and people nearby.


Water is one of the most common images in dreams. Different dream books interpret dreams with water in different ways. If the interpretation turned out to be negative, then you should not be upset, since the subconscious mind through dreams helps to avoid many problems.

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