Drugs Prescribed For Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19 Disappeared From Pharmacies

Drugs Prescribed For Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19 Disappeared From Pharmacies
Drugs Prescribed For Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19 Disappeared From Pharmacies

Video: Drugs Prescribed For Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19 Disappeared From Pharmacies

Video: Drugs Prescribed For Pneumonia Caused By COVID-19 Disappeared From Pharmacies
Video: Treatment of Pneumonia 2023, March

Injectable ceftriaxone and dexamethasone are prescribed when other drugs no longer work. One of the patients in the Krasnodar Territory had bilateral pneumonia on the 12th day of treatment for the consequences of coronavirus. These drugs appeared in the new appointment. The doctor warned that it was difficult to find them. But in practice it turned out that this is impossible at all.


The woman is 61 years old, she refused to tell her story on record. Business FM phoned the pharmacy chains in the region - to no avail. On the phone in the pharmacies they answered that these drugs had not been in the Kuban for more than 20 days: they had not been brought in.

The problem was confirmed by a resident of Krasnodar, Elena. She was looking for ceftriaxone for her relative. “I don’t know how many pharmacies I’ve visited. I specially selected those where it is indicated that there is a lot of ceftriaxone, but it is nowhere to be found at all. " And dexamethasone, according to Elena, is not even enough in hospitals. She says that the day before, her relative's attending physician informed his patients about this.

In November, patients from Yekaterinburg, St. Petersburg, and the republics of the North Caucasus complained of an acute shortage of these drugs. This is despite the fact that both drugs are recommended by the WHO and the Russian Ministry of Health for the treatment of severe forms of COVID-19 and are included in the list of vital drugs.

As it turned out, the problem is relevant for Moscow and the region. Business FM called several large Russian networks, including Gorzdrav, Stolichki, Samson-Pharma, 36.6. Everywhere there was one answer: “Ceftriaxone and dexamethasone were sold out. There are no supplies."

- Your order was canceled because the pharmacy did not confirm the availability of this drug. None of the pharmacies currently have it in the Gorzdrav network.

- And what's the reason? The fact is that it is now prescribed for pneumonia.

- Sold out this drug. The assortment of the pharmacy is regularly updated, it is possible that it will appear in the near future.

-And there is dexamethasone in ampoules, in injections?

- Only in pills. Unfortunately, I did not enter either in Moscow or in the Moscow region. This drug was sold out.

One of the Business FM networks said that these drugs in Moscow and the region have not been found for several weeks. And if ceftriaxone sometimes appears in the electronic databases of pharmacies and immediately disappears, then there is not even a hint of the appearance of dexamethasone. This is indeed so, and the reasons are not limited to a single rush demand, Viktor Dmitriev, general director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers, said in an interview with the radio station.

Viktor Dmitriev General Director of the Association of Russian Pharmaceutical Manufacturers “Since July 1, we have launched a labeling system that actually does not work. It led to drug supply disruptions. There were a lot of mistakes in this drug and medical device labeling system (MDLP), which resulted in a shortage. The problem is related to restrictions on movement abroad. Most of the substances, in particular if we talk about the drugs you mentioned, are purchased abroad. Stocks have either run out or are depleted, and the supply of a new one is delayed. Both of these drugs are on the list of essential and essential medicines (VED). The dollar jumped 27%. If the drug is on the VED list, then the company has no right to raise the price of these release drugs. Moreover, the cost price increased due to the fact that they purchased the substance, which became 27% more expensive. The production of this drug becomes unprofitable. There are two options: to allow the price to be increased, or the company is going to suspend the release of this drug. Probably, the marking should be stopped, then we will get rid of at least one problem. Because this problem is man-made. The second man-made problem is price fixing."

Business FM sent a request to the Ministry of Health, the Ministry of Industry and Trade and other relevant departments. According to pharmaceutical manufacturers, they have repeatedly appealed to the authorities with a request to stop curbing the prices of these drugs, but they are not heard or only partly heard. The Ministry of Industry and Trade met the manufacturers, temporarily canceling the confirmation of drug labeling.

Other reasons for the deficit are still relevant against the background of the peak of the coronavirus pandemic. Therefore, even the low selling price of dexamethasone - 250 rubles per package - and ceftriaxone - 48 rubles - do not make them more affordable for patients.

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