Simple Ways To Cope With Insomnia Named

Simple Ways To Cope With Insomnia Named
Simple Ways To Cope With Insomnia Named

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Insomnia is a fairly common problem that every person has encountered at least once. Poor sleep and lack of sleep have a negative impact on health, especially on the nervous system. In this regard, the doctor gave some tips on how to fall asleep faster.


Don't force yourself to sleep

The first advice is not to try with all your might to fall asleep. Instead, you can distract yourself with something, pour water, read and try to relax.

Use lavender

Lavender has been used as a sleeping pill for centuries, according to Dr. Etheridge, who received his PhD in medicinal chemistry from Imperial College London. She perfectly relaxes, so a person falls asleep faster.

Share problems with loved ones

To get rid of anxiety and disturbing thoughts, you need to share your problems with loved ones throughout the day. It can improve sleep.

Go in for sports

Regular exercise can also help cope with insomnia. During exercise, "happiness hormones" - endorphins - are released, and stress and anxiety levels decrease.

Make time for yourself before bed.

It's also important to set aside some time for yourself before bed. For example, you can do something that is enjoyable and relaxing for 10 minutes.

Earlier, a scientist from the United States discovered an easy way to fall asleep in 60 seconds. According to him, for this you need to use the "4-7-8" method.

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