Moldova To Launch Production Of COVID-19 Drug In Three Months

Moldova To Launch Production Of COVID-19 Drug In Three Months
Moldova To Launch Production Of COVID-19 Drug In Three Months

Video: Moldova To Launch Production Of COVID-19 Drug In Three Months

Video: Moldova To Launch Production Of COVID-19 Drug In Three Months
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Russia is ready to share its experience in creating a vaccine against coronavirus, regardless of political views. This was stated by Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin. In Moldova, they plan to launch the production of a drug against COVID-19. Remdesivir is already used in the EU countries and in the USA. Recently, Moldovan doctors began to use it. While the medicine is being purchased. Ksenia Yanieva, a correspondent of the MIR 24 TV channel, will tell you how and when a production facility will appear in Moldova.

Three months - approximately the same period for launching its own production of a drug against coronavirus is allotted by the National Agency for Medicines. Potential manufacturers include six domestic pharmaceutical companies. All of them are certified and have the necessary documents.

Currently, the management of the drug agency is negotiating with the holders of the patent for the drug remdesivir. This is an American company. It is not excluded that a joint production of the drug will be established on the territory of Moldova.

“This is a procedure according to which the Republic of Moldova, or rather a manufacturer from Moldova, can manufacture this drug under the brand of foreign manufacturers. It is already known that our two pharmaceutical companies fully comply with all established international standards. One of them even has a line that can be used to produce remdesivir,”- Director General of the National Agency for Medicines Eremey Prisyazhnyuk.

The medicine is already being used for treatment in Moldova. In the coming days, another batch of remdesivir will arrive in the country. Five thousand doses worth 450 thousand US dollars. The price of the domestic drug will be lower, the agency assures. After all, first of all, the cost of transportation will decrease.

“We will set an adequate price that will correspond to the income of our citizens. We will make every effort to make the drug affordable, so that the price is lower than that of the main manufacturer,”- Prisyazhnyuk.

The drugs are needed primarily for those who are at risk. These are medical staff and retirees. They get infected most often. The authorities also intend to prevent the further spread of covid by vaccination. Moldova expects to receive the first batch of the Russian drug by the end of the year. President of the country Igor Dodon intends to test it one of the first.

“First, I trust our medicine. I say “ours” because once upon a time not so long ago we had a common country, medicine, which now exists in both Russia and Moldova. By the way, medicine was created in Moldova after the war, there was a paratrooper of doctors from St. Petersburg. They created the Moldavian Medical University, which is now one of the best in the region. This is our medicine, joint medicine, it is our scientists who created everything. Therefore, of course, I trust them. I trust the Russian vaccine. And I really hope that all the official stages that must go through in order for us to receive this vaccine in the Republic of Moldova will pass,”the Moldovan leader said in an interview with the MIR TV channel.

The number of seriously ill patients is growing in Moldova. The other day, a record was set of them - 900 cases per day. Modern medicines are needed to treat them.

Now the effectiveness of remdesivir is being investigated by scientists from all over the world. Moldova has also connected to the database. Information about the condition of patients during and after treatment with the drug is sent to a common database.

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