How To Lose Weight By Summer: 10 Books On Sports And Nutrition

How To Lose Weight By Summer: 10 Books On Sports And Nutrition
How To Lose Weight By Summer: 10 Books On Sports And Nutrition

Video: How To Lose Weight By Summer: 10 Books On Sports And Nutrition

Video: How To Lose Weight By Summer: 10 Books On Sports And Nutrition
Video: How To Lose Weight: The Real Math Behind Weight Loss 2023, March

Bloggers, trainers and famous TV presenters experiment with fitness, diets and share the results on the pages of their books.

Gary Taubes Why We Get Fat. The mechanisms of the body that make us overeat"

In his book Why We Get Fat. Mechanisms of the body that make us overeat "Gary Taubes explains why counting calories is not an effective way to lose weight, which foods are" to blame "for gaining extra pounds, how harmful low-carb diets are, how sugar affects the body. The author supports his own conclusions with the results of scientific experiments and observations. Some of them are illustrated with original photographs.

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Tina Kandelaki "PRO body"

“PRO body” is a continuation of the bestseller “PRO face” by the famous journalist and TV presenter Tina Kandelaki.

The girl visited the gym for many years, experimented with various diets and shared the results on social networks. In her book, Tina answered the most popular weight loss questions that came to her from subscribers.

In PRO body, the following topics are raised:

- psychological aspects affecting weight loss;

- nutrition and intake of dietary supplements;

- optimal amounts of physical activity;

- the subtleties of stretching and types of effective massage;

- plastic surgery.

Natalie Makienko "A strong girl is tired How to overcome stress, look great and forget about nutritional breakdowns"

Disruptions in nutrition due to stress is one of the main problems of losing weight. Natalia Makienko is a practicing nutritionist and women's health specialist. In her book, she tells how to learn to "listen" to your body, what kind of food will help in the fight against extra pounds, how to combine foods correctly, how to compose a diet for yourself, how not to jam problems with sweets and junk food. Natalia Makienko's book is a path to health, harmony and correct habits in just seven steps.

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Cynthia Kafka “My motivator. 3 months to create the perfect body"

Blogger Cynthia Kafka claims that three months is enough to put your body in order.

Kafka's book is a weekly weight loss guide for three months. It describes recipes for a balanced diet and effective exercise. The author also offers tips and tasks that should motivate the reader to work towards achieving their goals.

The edition resembles a working notebook. In addition to the main text, it contains interesting motivational phrases, illustrated assignments and to-do lists for the week.

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Ursula Kim "Marathon: 21 days without sugar"

Ursula Kim is a fitness blogger, author of the "I Can Without Sugar" marathon.

Sugar is a product that can be easily overdone. And abuse can lead to a number of problems: excess weight, acne, diseases of the heart and blood vessels. The main goal of the book is to help you get rid of sugar addiction forever.

In the book "Marathon: 21 Days Without Sugar" you will find comments from doctors and a psychologist, a diary of proper nutrition, useful recipes and practical exercises.

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Natalia Stepuk "Anatomy of stretching"

Stretching exercises strengthen muscles and have a positive effect on the nervous and circulatory systems of the body: it becomes easier to keep your back straight, tightness goes away, and self-esteem increases.

The publication is unique in its form of presentation."Anatomy of Stretching" is 78 cards with author's stretching exercises. You do not need to turn over the pages during training, it is enough to spread the cards in front of you - this will allow you not to be distracted.

In order to definitely avoid problems during the exercise, QR codes were printed on the cards, by clicking on which, the reader will find detailed video reviews.

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Nancy Clarke "Sports nutrition for professionals and amateurs"

Everyone can choose a diet that will improve their health and help maintain the necessary energy levels necessary for well-being throughout the day. Nancy Clark is helping to sort this out.

The author talks about how to eat right in a busy work schedule and how to make food enjoyable and not stressful. You will find out which foods should be discarded, and which ones, on the contrary, should be increased.

“What matters is not what you eat, but how and when you eat it,” says Nancy Clark.

Alena Murlaeva “SMART healthy lifestyle. Without rigid diets and exhausting workouts"

Alena Murlaeva is a certified fitness trainer with 15 years of experience and a millionaire blogger.

In her book, the girl tells how to eat right without exhausting diets, not to give up your favorite "snacks", not to seize stress with sweets and play sports with pleasure. The book contains QR codes with links to instructional videos that can be viewed using the free app. Exercises are also provided - they can be performed even at home.

“SMART healthy lifestyle. Without rigid diets and exhausting workouts”- this is a balance between what is useful and what is pleasant.

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David Kessler “Another Piece! How to take control of a brutal appetite and stop constantly thinking about what to chew"

David Kessler is a contemporary American writer, medical doctor and personal consultant for show business stars. He has four books in the genre of non-fiction.

Dr. Kessler studied the latest brain research, interviews with leading physicians and put forward his theory of how people fall into the marketing traps of manufacturers. In the book, the author explained why, in his opinion, humanity has lost control over its appetite. The publication also contains recommendations and tips to help overcome food addiction.

Alex Hutchinson Cardio or Power? What kind of loads are right for you"

Alex Hutchinson compiled the guide based on the latest information on human health and sports. To this end, the author studied over 400 articles published in academic journals and over 100 thematic interviews. Hutchinson tried to answer all the most popular questions about fitness: how to eat better, how much to exercise, what sports gadgets might be needed, who would better choose cardio training, and who should choose strength.

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