In Samara, The Patient Met With The Donor Of Anticoid Plasma

In Samara, The Patient Met With The Donor Of Anticoid Plasma
In Samara, The Patient Met With The Donor Of Anticoid Plasma

Video: In Samara, The Patient Met With The Donor Of Anticoid Plasma

Video: In Samara, The Patient Met With The Donor Of Anticoid Plasma
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Plasma transfusion can be prescribed for patients with COVID-19 for medical reasons. At the moment, transfusion of anticoid plasma is carried out by eight medical institutions in the region, among them are the Samara State Medical University Clinics.

It should be reminded that the procurement of antique plasma in the Samara region has been going on for about three months, work is underway to form a register of potential donors. One of the first at the end of last year was the Governor of the Samara Region Dmitry Azarov. Among the active donors are representatives of the medical community.

Currently, 190 doses of anticoid plasma have been prepared, 149 have been issued to hospitals. Anticoid plasma is used for passive immunization - its effectiveness is explained by the fact that it already contains ready-made antibodies to the new coronavirus infection.

“We have already treated many patients with the help of anticoid plasma,” says Maria Galkina, a specialist of the 4th Infection Department of the Samara State Medical University Clinic. “This method of treatment is prescribed for patients who do not have the effect of standard therapy after 21 days, as well as for patients with moderate and severe course of coronavirus infection in the first days of the disease. Antibodies help the body to fight the infection. One person needs two doses of plasma, which are injected with an interval of 12-24 hours. We see a positive effect the next day after the first dose is transfused."

One of these patients was 60-year-old Lyudmila Fedorova. The woman fell ill in early January and was treated at home for the first five days, thinking that it was a common cold. “When my condition became very bad, they put me in the Clinics, they rescued me here,” says Lyudmila Fedorova. “When the attending physician warned me that I would be given plasma transfusions, I, of course, did not object. The very next day I felt a surge of energy. Thank you very much to my donor and everyone who is sharing their blood to save lives."

Sophia Kirillova, a pediatrician of the Samara City Clinical Polyclinic 15, became a donor for Lyudmila. She suffered mild COVID-19 in November 2020.

“I didn’t have a choice whether to donate blood or not, - I have been donating since the third year of medical university,” Sophia emphasizes. “When I was informed that my plasma was beneficial and the patient became much better, I was very happy. for a donor who donates blood and knows that his blood has helped someone, it is a great joy."

Recall that a person who has been ill or vaccinated with antibodies to COVID-19 can become a donor of anticoid plasma.

In order to become a potential donor of anticoid plasma, it is necessary to fill out a questionnaire posted on the official website of the Blood Service Reception of potential donors is carried out only upon the call of the specialists of the Blood Service after receiving and analyzing the completed questionnaire.

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