Why Protein Foods Are Dangerous For Women

Why Protein Foods Are Dangerous For Women
Why Protein Foods Are Dangerous For Women

Video: Why Protein Foods Are Dangerous For Women

Video: Why Protein Foods Are Dangerous For Women
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To come up with such a diet so that you can eat more tasty food and lose weight at the same time. For many, this seemingly unrealizable dream took on real shape in the form of the "Kremlin diet" or the "diet of American astronauts", but most of all known as the protein diet.

Its author is called the American Ducan - another name for it is the "Ducan diet." The British Dietetic Association has filed a serious charge against him. According to professionals, Ducan is accused of having developed a diet that had nothing to do with medicine, and thus simply earned fabulous sums from his publications. At the same time, the diet developed by him caused and continues to cause enormous harm to the body of everyone who risked losing weight thanks to his advice.

The essence of the Ducan diet is the complete elimination of fats and the almost complete absence of carbohydrates. He suggests replacing the latter with vegetables. At the same time, as a layman, Ducan did not take into account that the human body absorbs sugar from some vegetables much faster than ordinary sugar, which is like death for diabetics losing weight.

Experts from the American Medical Association explain that the protein diet was originally used exclusively by those who are professionally involved in bodybuilding. It is the most effective weight loss and drying aid, and most importantly, this diet is great for building muscle.

A little later, a protein diet was proposed as the most effective way to lose weight, but for this purpose it was modified. So, a very small percentage of carbohydrates was added to it. However, the main thing remained unchanged - when using a diet, it is imperative to engage in physical exercises. This is due to the fact that with a protein diet, the body loses weight very quickly, and the skin does not have time to adapt to this - it sags and has the most unsightly appearance. Olga Larina, a nutritionist and sports nutrition expert, explains that after such a diet with the introduction of carbohydrates into the diet, the weight will rapidly return, so it is extremely important to give the body a sports load all the time. This is especially important for women, as they are most prone to eating sweets and gaining weight more quickly.

Nutritionist Larisa Mulyk, a member of the National Association of Dietitians and Nutritionists, explains in detail the essence of the protein diet and its negative consequences: the basis of the diet is meat, eggs, cheese, fish, dairy products. Since the body begins to burn carbohydrates to obtain the necessary energy, in the absence of such with a protein diet, it switches to fats. And when a large amount of fat is burned, ketone bodies are formed in the body. Their accumulation causes a shift in the acid-base balance, or acidosis. If the amount of ketones exceeds a certain level, the person may fall into a coma.

But this is an extreme case. Basically, the protein diet, according to Larisa Mulyk, causes an unpleasant odor in the mouth, the appearance of bags under the eyes, which indicates a violation of the kidneys. Eating cold protein foods is a direct path to gastritis and enterocolitis. Long-term use of this diet increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, and often cancer.

Sitting on proteins alone, due to a lack of carbohydrates, the body begins to experience a lack of energy, as a result of which its performance drops sharply and fatigue increases. At the same time, the body of women receives an additional minus - due to its physiological abilities in the process of such a diet, a restructuring of metabolic substances occurs in it. One of its significant consequences is deterioration of the condition of hair, nails and skin.

But only these negative consequences for women are not limited. The most dangerous for them is a violation of the hormonal balance and functions of the ovaries, inflammation of the appendages and, as a result, infertility.

The American Medical Association conducted a study in which several thousand volunteers from 50 to 65 years old took part. All of them have been using a protein diet for a long time. Their condition was monitored by doctors. The result was shocking: 75 percent of protein food lovers died prematurely. In all surveyed, the risk of oncological diseases increased fourfold. These numbers apply to those in whose diet protein was at least twenty percent. The US hazard experts compare a protein diet to smoking twenty cigarettes a day.

Scientists from Sydney came to unexpected conclusions. In the course of research, they found that with prolonged use, a protein diet begins to give the opposite effect: it promotes the deposition of fat while reducing appetite. Australian scientists set up their experiments on rodents. About a hundred animals were kept on different diets, and those who ate the most protein developed diseases of the endocrine and cardiovascular systems faster, and life expectancy was sharply reduced.

Regarding the protein diet, doctors are unanimous that you can use it for no more than two weeks, and then take a break for at least a year. Then there will be a minimum of negative consequences from it, and you can noticeably lose weight.

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