Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Moscow

Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Moscow
Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Moscow

Video: Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Moscow

Video: Vaccination Against Coronavirus In Moscow
Video: COVID-19: Moscow starts mass vaccination amid record cases 2023, March

These doors are open every day. If earlier people came to the polyclinic mainly for treatment, now - for prophylaxis. Vaccination against coronavirus infection, according to experts, is one of the main ways to combat a pandemic. The Russian capital became the first city in the world where vaccinations can be delivered free of charge.

Olga Bubnova, correspondent:

“The vaccination can be done even on the day of treatment. All you need is a passport, a policy and a preliminary registration: you can get in the queue for the vaccine online, by phone or directly at the clinic at the registration desk."

As of March 3, 2021, the number of vaccinations delivered in Russia is five and a half million. We are talking specifically about the doses of the drug administered. For vaccination, two doses must be administered at a specific interval.

Yulia Voistinykh, head of GBUZ GP 62 branch 4:

“Five people gather, because there are five doses in one bottle of vaccine, vaccination is carried out. After 21 days, the patient comes in and is vaccinated. The schedule is tight, there are a lot of patients. They come and get vaccinated."

Before the vaccination room, the patient goes to a mandatory appointment with a doctor. All medical personnel received special training to work with the vaccine.

Hajikhalil Veliyev, doctor:

“There are certain indications and contraindications for vaccinations. If we take the main ones, then these are severe allergies, pregnancy, lactating mothers, participants in clinical trials, taking drugs that suppress immunity. We are now focusing on patients with chronic pathology: cardiovascular, arterial hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes mellitus, kidney disease, lung disease. We invite these people, we vaccinate them so that when faced with an infection, they are protected."

Even for those who have already had coronavirus, vaccination may be necessary if the amount of antibodies is insufficient. The decision is made by the doctor on a case-by-case basis. For some, the vaccine is a way to protect themselves from the fear of getting infected, for others it is the hope of a long-awaited vacation.

Elena Zhuravleva, patient:

“I decided that after all - when everyone was allowed to be vaccinated - that I would go get vaccinated, because then I want to move freely, travel, go on vacation, so that there are no restrictions. I hope that after this vaccine I will have immunity."

On the way to collective immunity Russia is among the top ten world leaders. Also on this list are China, India and Brazil.

Olga Bubnova, Mikhail Sinenko, BRICS TV.

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