Non-obvious Causes Of Depression Named

Non-obvious Causes Of Depression Named
Non-obvious Causes Of Depression Named

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Experts said that "problems of the soul" may be associated with physical illness of the body. As psychologist and psychiatrist Vladimir Krupin explained in a conversation with Vechernaya Moskva, depression in its symptomatic complex has many manifestations that resemble a number of other diseases.


According to the doctor, in addition to mental problems, somatic diseases can also create the appearance of depression. Unexpressed, weak and at the same time prolonged pain can worsen both the state of health and the general mental state of a person. The cause may be headache due to pressure problems or aching joints.

- The difference between mental depression and general depression is that the usual depression goes away. For example, a general depressed state can be felt when there is a lack of vitamin D in the body. All symptoms will disappear along with the blues after the patient begins to take the vitamin that he lacks. It is very difficult to deal with real depression - it is a serious mental illness, it interferes with life, - explained Krupin.

The psychiatrist advised you to contact a specialist immediately if you realized that "something is wrong" in your life. Doctors will figure out whether the help of a therapist is needed or whether a course of psychotherapy with the possible use of antidepressants is ahead.

Clinical psychologist, professor at the Institute of Psychology of the Russian Academy of Sciences Nadezhda Tarabrina said that an experienced psychologist or psychiatrist will always identify the causes of depression and help either independently or in the process of complex treatment of chronic diseases of the body.

The professor pointed out that usually people call "depression" a bad mood. According to Tarabrina, real depression is a severe mental disorder that is not temporary and does not go away on its own:

- The reason for the depressed state, which a person takes for depression, may be poor health associated with both psychological factors (any individual life events, stress) and somatic (bodily) ailments. Allergies, endocrine problems, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract and the musculoskeletal system can manifest themselves, among other things, in a bad mood, - said the interlocutor of Vechernyaya Moskvy.

A clinical psychologist explained that dozens of diseases that the patient does not even suspect can interfere with healthy sleep and appetite.

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