Artificial Intelligence Against The Virus

Artificial Intelligence Against The Virus
Artificial Intelligence Against The Virus

Video: Artificial Intelligence Against The Virus

Video: Artificial Intelligence Against The Virus
Video: Artificial Intelligence vs. COVID-19 2023, March

Penza, November 16 - PenzaNews. The pandemic posed a difficult task for the business segment and the public sector: how to ensure the safety of employees without stopping production processes?


Rostelecom's digital technologies help to solve it. Companies and institutions of the Volga Federal District, the specifics of which do not imply remote operation, were able to change the organizational approach to monitoring the health of employees using thermal imagers.

Speed thermometry

Thermal imaging systems from Rostelecom are specially designed to measure the temperature of the human body in the stream. In a minute, the system is capable of scanning from 80 to 400 people with high accuracy (the error is ± 0.3 ° C).

The data received from the thermal imaging camera is displayed on the monitor. When a person with an elevated body temperature is detected, the indicator light comes on and an audible alert is activated.

Forewarned is forearmed

The thermal imaging solution from Rostelecom is built on the basis of its own video surveillance platform and intelligent video analytics, which allows not only organizing local points of thermal imaging control, but also deploying a single monitoring center.

“Based on the data from the monitoring center, our customers will be able to conduct daily analysis and quickly respond to changes in the epidemiological situation, including during seasonal diseases. This will allow enterprise managers to take measures in advance to reduce the number of cases and thereby reduce the negative economic effect, "says Elena Polukhina, director of the sales department for state customers of the Volga macro-regional branch of PJSC Rostelecom.

No entry without masks

In April, the first customers of thermal imaging systems were large companies that continued to work in a pandemic.

According to Elena Polukhina, Rostelecom promptly responded to market demands and developed a product based on integration solutions. For example, thermal imagers working with video analytics modules can not only measure the temperature of a person's body, but also identify people without a mask.

Thermal imaging systems allowed enterprises to analyze the well-being of employees without creating a mass gathering of people at the checkpoints.

“In the morning, about 600 employees pass through the checkpoint of the enterprise. Previously, measurements were carried out manually, now in automatic mode. Thanks to the thermal imager, the travel time to workplaces has been significantly reduced,”emphasizes Nikolai Vishnyakov, senior security officer at the Atyashevsky meat processing plant (Mordovia).

“The system scans incoming people in a matter of seconds and displays color markers on the screen. Green indicates that the person is healthy. If the temperature is above normal, the red lights up and a voice alert is triggered. The security officer invites the employee to go through the thermal imaging point again and, if confirmed, sends him under medical supervision,”he explains.

In the Nizhny Novgorod Region, the first thermal imagers were put into operation at the checkpoints of the Vyksa Metallurgical Plant (VMZ).

“With the deterioration of the epidemiological situation, we carried out a set of measures aimed at ensuring the safety of the health of employees and their families. Thermal imagers have acquired particular importance at checkpoints, which provide control over the well-being of employees and help prevent the risk of infection,”says Alexander Barykov, Managing Director of VSW.

With the resumption of air traffic and an increase in passenger traffic, thermal imagers began to be actively used in the country's air harbors. In August, thermal imaging equipment appeared at the Pobedilovo airport in Kirov. Rostelecom installed thermal imaging systems at the main entrance to the airport terminal and in the arrivals area. Now passenger thermometry is carried out remotely.

“We are ready to fully automate access control by combining thermal imaging systems with an access control system. Integration with the Anti-Terror system will allow our customers to control the presence of weapons at the passers-by,”notes Elena Polukhina.

To study through a thermal imager

Educational institutions are also showing interest in Rostelecom's decision. It has proven itself well in School 64 in Penza. More than 1,000 children attend it every day, including the pupils of the Progress Center for Youth Innovative Creativity, who study robotics and 3D modeling.

“The thermal imaging camera automatically measures the body temperature of the students and sends the data to the monitor of the security officer. Any deviations are instantly recorded in the form of color markers,”explains Mikhail Kochmarev, project manager at Progress Center.

“When teachers measure the temperature of the children at the entrance, queues are created. In this case, there is no congestion of people. It should also be noted that standard non-contact thermometers are designed for a certain number of measurements, after which it is necessary to calibrate. As a result, it turns out that it is more profitable to buy a thermal imager,”he says.

According to Elena Polukhina, automatic calibration is a feature of the thermal imaging control system from Rostelecom.

“We have developed an artificial intelligence-based module that analyzes the image and calibrates the thermal imager in an automatic mode. It should be borne in mind that thermal imaging solutions are a complex hardware and software complex, the installation of which and further maintenance should be entrusted to professionals,”she emphasizes.

Elena Borisova

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