What You Need To Know About The First Phase Of The Ducan Diet

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What You Need To Know About The First Phase Of The Ducan Diet
What You Need To Know About The First Phase Of The Ducan Diet

Video: What You Need To Know About The First Phase Of The Ducan Diet

Video: What You Need To Know About The First Phase Of The Ducan Diet
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Diet principles


How does the Ducan diet work? First, by reducing the level of carbohydrates entering the body. Secondly, reducing fat intake. The predominance of protein foods has a beneficial effect on muscle fibers, which do not lose their mass when going through a diet. And minimizing fats and carbohydrates forces the body to burn the accumulated extra pounds.

Any long-term diet takes place in several stages so that all human systems get used to the new eating behavior.






If you believe the reviews about the Ducan diet, then the "attack" is given by all the hardest. Why is this happening? The answer is pretty simple. The first stage diet is mostly pure protein. And if before that you were fond of cakes, then the digestive system will rebel. However, it is this phase that is most significant for rebuilding and responding to the diet of the whole organism. It is the shortest, but the most important for summing up the final results.

You can determine the number of days for a particular phase thanks to special calculators. Having introduced several parameters, the calculation will show an individual weight loss schedule, the duration of each stage separately and the diet as a whole.

The maximum number of days for the first phase is 10, and this more often applies to those people whose overweight is from 30 kg or more. The less extra pounds, the fewer days are allocated for the first phase. Thanks to the large number of recipes for the attack phase of the Ducan diet, you can diversify your menu, reducing the risk of breakdown.

Than to attack

When starting a diet, it may seem like the protein days are pretty monotonous. But, following the recommendations of the author, who identifies 72 protein products, you will understand that you can attack in a variety of ways. Also, for greater saturation, the use of bran is a must. This is pure fiber, which helps not only fill the stomach, but also help it properly absorb food. Allowed foods during the attack on the Ducan diet include:

Lean meat (chicken, turkey, rabbit, veal, beef).

By-products (liver, lung, kidney, heart, tongue).

Low-fat types of fish, canned food in its own juice (no oil added, smoked fish is not prohibited).

Seafood (any shellfish, seaweed).

Eggs in which the protein is not limited, and the yolk is not more than 1-2 per day.

Low-fat dairy products (cottage cheese, sour cream, kefir, yogurt, cheese, milk).

Agree that the list is quite long. To have a complete understanding of the products of the Ducan diet for the attack, you must use the table. It reflects the ingredients and their compatibility with each phase.



It is important not only to correctly compose the food menu, but also to observe the drinking regime

It is necessary to refuse from sugary drinks and juices. And give preference to decoctions of herbs, teas, clean water.

A few words about other stages

You already know that the "attack" is central to the entire process of losing weight. She starts the process of losing weight. How are the other phases different from it?

The cruise in the Ducan diet begins immediately after the attack, consists in alternating protein and protein-vegetable. Continue until the desired weight is reached.

Consolidation or consolidation. Here it is important to observe an accurate calculation of the phase duration. 10 days of diet for every kilogram lost. Lost 5 kg, consolidation - 50 days. At this stage, fruits are added to the diet, and vegetables can be eaten daily.

Stabilization. It would be more correct to call this stage a way of a new life. So that the weight never returns: we eat everything, arrange a protein Thursday, do cardio.

You already understood that Ducan's diet is not a couple of weeks, then what kind of menu should you make for every day, especially at the attack stage?

Dishes for the first phase of the diet

So, we know that the first phase can last up to 10 days. And during this time, only protein foods are consumed. We also know that the author of the diet selects 72 protein foods. How to alternate them so that the diet is not monotonous? Let's make a reservation that spices and salt can be added to add flavor to the food. However, it should be in moderation and in accordance with the tabular data suitable for "attack mode".

Recall that the Ducan diet has a special calculator, where you need to calculate the number of days for the first stage, substituting your weight, height in the corresponding cells.

Let's write out an approximate weekly diet.

First day:

Omelet with milk, coffee.

Chicken broth, herbal tea.

Baked fish, low fat kefir.

Second day:

Porridge with bran milk, tea.

Boiled beef, chamomile tea.

Turkey cutlets steamed or in the oven, drinking low fat yogurt.

The third day:

Boiled eggs (protein without restrictions, yolk 1-2 pieces), coffee without sugar.

Chicken nuggets breaded in oat bran, green tea.

Omelet with red fish, kefir.

Fourth day:

Steam pancakes, milk.

Lemongrass pie, drinking low-fat yogurt.

Oat bran pancakes, Goji berry compote.

The fifth day:

Oat bran flatbread with lean ham, currant leaf tea.

Ear, mint tea.

Canned fish salad with onions and eggs, rosehip broth.

Sixth day:

Ham omelet, tea or coffee.

Baked beef steak, lemon tea with lemon balm.

Boiled shrimp, white or green tea.

Seventh day:

Omelet with cheese, tea or coffee.

Chicken liver pancakes, ginger tea.

Herb rabbit stew, kefir drink.

The diet invented by Mr. Ducan is not at all hungry and not monotonous, and an approximate menu for 7 days for the "attack" phase may be as presented above.

In custody

Let's summarize everything that is described in this article. Dukan's diet is a long process, starting with “attack” and ending with “stabilization”, which is worth adhering to all your life. The main ones on the diet are:

Compliance with the drinking regime - at least 2 liters of water and other drinks (mainly herbal teas).

Fiber is required. 2 tablespoons of oat bran, which are mainly added to dishes.

Choose fat-free cooking methods (cooking, stewing).

Take foods from the table in strict accordance with the phase of the diet.

Do not stop there, do not exclude physical activity.

Now, knowing all the principles of the Ducan diet, the features of the most difficult initial stage of the attack and having a menu for a week, it will be easier for you to hit the road to the figure of your dreams.