The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 4

The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 4
The Most Important Events Of The Past Day: News Digest For November 4

Many events take place in the world every day. It is almost impossible to keep track of such a large flow of information, but there is a way out. We summarized the most interesting events in Kuzbass, Russia and the world in the news digest on VSE42. Ru.


1. Rescuers told about the results of the fire in the Kemerovo shopping mall

The press service of the EMERCOM of Russia in the Kemerovo region told the details of the night fire in the Kemerovo shopping complex, located on Tukhachevsky street.

- As a result of the fire in the warehouse of the technical department, 5 running meters were burned. electrical cable. There are no casualties, - the message says.

Earlier, the editorial board of VSE42. Ru reported that 18 people extinguished a night fire in the Kemerovo shopping center.

2. Kuzbass doctor spoke about working with patients in covidarium

The regional doctor shared her opinion on the work in the "red zone" and gave a little advice to patients. She said that she was amazed at the scale of the incidence of the new coronavirus infection. The main danger is that the disease may be asymptomatic. Many patients may not be aware that they are sick.

“The most important thing for a patient is to follow the doctor’s recommendations,” the headquarters of the doctor reports.

According to her, a lot of time has to be spent on convincing patients to comply with certain prescriptions.

3. Four Kuzbass residents died from coronavirus in a day

As of November 4, four more patients diagnosed with COVID-19 have died in the Kemerovo region. The total number at the moment is 252 people.

It is also reported about 198 infected in the territory of Kuzbass per day. The total number for the current time is 16,216 cases detected. The death toll has reached 252 people.

1. The authorities of the Rostov region have proposed new restrictions due to coronavirus

The current measures to combat COVID-19 are not effective enough and require tightening, said the Deputy Governor of the Rostov Region at a meeting of the headquarters. One of the proposals was to tighten the mask regime: citizens are required to wear masks in elevators, parking lots and taxis. As reported by Privet-Rostov, additional testing of conscripts for coronavirus was proposed.

Also, the proposed measures apply to children under 16 years of age. According to them, they will not be able to visit shopping and entertainment centers and hypermarkets unaccompanied by adults. In addition, restrictions have been introduced for celebrating events: one person must have at least 4 square meters. meter of the room.

2. Russian narcologist spoke about the impact of alcohol on coronavirus

Drinking alcohol can complicate the course of coronavirus infection, narcologist Ruslan Isaev said.

According to the doctor, the severity of the course of COVID-19 depends on the protective properties of the human body. Immunity is compromised by alcohol consumption, which can lead to severe illness. He also noted the harmful effects of alcohol in conjunction with drugs. The narcologist told about this in an interview with Sputnik radio.

3. The court arrested the suspect in the murder of "sausage king" Marugov

The suspect in the murder of the owner of the "Meat Empire" Vladimir Marugov in the Moscow region was arrested until January 2, 2021. He is also tested for involvement in the activities of "black realtors".

During a search in his apartment, a pensioner was found bedridden, who reported that the detainee was holding and extorting real estate from him in Moscow, TASS reports.

1. Trump announced victory in the presidential election

Donald Trump announced that he became the President of the United States for the second time. In his statement, Donald Trump announced a "miraculous success" in the current election. The Republican candidate won votes in states he did not expect. For example, in the state of Texas, he won by a wide margin, as well as in Pennsylvania.

In addition, he intends to go to the US Supreme Court, as he fears fraud on the part of the Democrats, reports TASS USA.

2. The police detained 14 people in the case of the terrorist attack in Vienna

After the terrorist attack in Vienna, Austrian law enforcement officers detained 14 people and conducted 18 searches. This information is reported by RIA Novosti with reference to the Austrian Ministry of Internal Affairs. It is reported that all the detainees were surrounded by the terrorist.

Vienna Burgomaster Michael Ludwig announced the hospitalization of 24 people. According to Ludwig, one victim died in the hospital, 13 more are undergoing treatment, of which three are in critical condition.

3. American experts talked about the dangers of coffee for the psyche

Coffee has stimulating effects that experts interviewed by the Huffington Post believe mimic or exacerbate symptoms of anxiety disorder.

Studies have shown that the body reacts differently to coffee: people with preexisting symptoms of anxiety disorder are more sensitive to the effects of caffeine.

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