Intars Busulis: "I Couldn't Even Tie My Shoelaces Without Shortness Of Breath"

Intars Busulis: "I Couldn't Even Tie My Shoelaces Without Shortness Of Breath"
Intars Busulis: "I Couldn't Even Tie My Shoelaces Without Shortness Of Breath"

Video: Intars Busulis: "I Couldn't Even Tie My Shoelaces Without Shortness Of Breath"

Video: Intars Busulis: "I Couldn't Even Tie My Shoelaces Without Shortness Of Breath"
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The stars are also joining our Living Stories marathon. The singer shared his weight loss experience with

“I have never felt handsome in my life - even now, when I am at my optimal weight, 82 kilograms. Although there were times when my weight reached 96 kilograms. My weight loss story began with the fact that last year I decided to start eating consciously: I cut down on the amount of sweets, gave up cookies and sweets.

In full body, I really felt uncomfortable. I could not even tie my shoelaces without shortness of breath and reddening of my face. You walk a hundred steps and you get tired. And now here I am deliberately walking up the stairs, the escalator in the subway on foot - both down and up - this is my personal life hack for losing weight, an excellent cardio load. Now that I have lost weight, I have a desire to constantly move, although this had never happened before, I did not even think about it.

It seems to me that before I was purely psychologically not ready for dietary restrictions and a healthy lifestyle. But after trying it once, I got involved, I liked it. I liked the food without salt and sugar, I began to feel the tastes brighter, I like replacing sugar with honey.

It all started at the moment when a boy band called "Baritones" came to our Latvian "X-factor", where I participate in the jury. I suggested that they start losing weight together “for a bet”. We then even contracted with one nutritional restaurant and gym. For three months everything went great! I got involved and continued to lead a healthy lifestyle - which I do to this day. As for those guys from the group, as soon as the project ended, they left to tour the country and quit our bet.

Then I began to lose weight very quickly - the first 4 kilograms were gone instantly, the excess water drained out. It became easier for me even to wake up and fall asleep!

Now I have already involved my wife in this business. We eat healthy food, which is prepared for us in the same restaurant with which a contract was signed a year ago, we began to indulge in alcohol much less often, although earlier I often could drink 300 grams of cognac after my performance. Now I would rather just go to bed after the concert, gain strength.

The main role in the process of losing weight is still played by sports. Nutrition is only 30-35% of success, so it is necessary to introduce activity into your life on an ongoing basis. From physical activity, first of all, I have a stage, and in the warm season I also add jogging. I love to run in the fresh air - it is both useful and interesting to look at the world around us, at people, at nature, at everything that comes along the way. In general, I always try to move as much as possible - for example, I often choose the metro instead of a taxi.

Do not deny yourself any product completely. If you want something very badly, then eat it. But most importantly, control the amount. No one can forbid you to do this - neither the trainer nor the nutritionist. Severe constraints always inevitably lead to breakdowns.

Another secret of proper weight loss is to drink enough water. Precisely water! No tea, no juice, no fruit drink. Drinking water restores water balance in the body, which speeds up the metabolism. We also often confuse thirst with hunger. Sometimes it is enough just to drink a glass of water - and this feeling disappears.

I stopped eating at night - and noticed a tremendous result! First, it greatly affects the voice. If you sing before bed and go to bed in a horizontal position, gastric juice seems to enter the esophagus, which has a very negative effect on the ligaments, the voice does not sound at all.

I came to the following conclusion: the more you move, the more work you have (in my case, this is a scene, a very energy-intensive type of activity), the less opportunity you have even to think about food - accordingly, you lose weight. But during the holidays, I gain a couple of kilograms, and this is absolutely normal. During the Christmas holidays, for example, you can let yourself relax and enjoy the time to the fullest.

It is also very important to get enough sleep for your body. This helps you recover properly if you are exercising, and it also significantly speeds up your metabolism.

To summarize, the main rules of my weight loss are not to eat at night, get enough sleep - sleep for at least seven hours, - drink plenty of water and eat fatty, sweet and starchy foods in moderation.

I recommend everyone who is overweight to find the motivation to lose it - this is the best investment in your future, in your old age. And in order to find this motivation, you need to understand what exactly you want to lose weight: for yourself, for your health, for the aesthetics of your body? Understand what this is all for and what you are willing to sacrifice for this. It is likely that you do not need this at all. But if you still feel this need to bring your body into shape, start doing it now!"

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