Intars Busulis: “I No Longer Blush When I Just Tie My Shoelaces”

Intars Busulis: “I No Longer Blush When I Just Tie My Shoelaces”
Intars Busulis: “I No Longer Blush When I Just Tie My Shoelaces”

Video: Intars Busulis: “I No Longer Blush When I Just Tie My Shoelaces”

Video: Intars Busulis: “I No Longer Blush When I Just Tie My Shoelaces”
Video: Intars Busulis / Интарс Бусулис & Абонементный оркестр - Ария Среднего Тиля (Золотой Микрофон 2014) 2023, March

The artist shared with his recipe for losing weight and talked about the most effective exercise for the abdominal area

Why did I decide to lose weight? Because I was uncomfortable in my own weight. And when I was on the jury in the Latvian "X-factor", one group of guys took part there, and I accidentally suggested to them: "Let's make such a public action in which we will lose weight together?" We began to lose weight "for show", and in no case could we gain weight. After that I started to maintain a healthy lifestyle on my own - and now everything is super.

The main thing is nutrition. Do not eat chocolates, do not eat at night. Everything is based on nutrition. And of course, always between the stairs and the elevator, I choose the first one. On the escalator, I always go up on foot. Physical activity while losing weight is also necessary to keep the body in good shape.

I try to eat 5 times a day - three large meals and two snacks - I should always have some kind of snacks, celery, persimmons on hand. When I am at home in Latvia, I always eat in one restaurant - they prepare breakfast, lunch and dinner especially for me. Therefore, in terms of food, it is easier for me, because a special person takes care of my diet.

You need to eat all the products - each contains its own vitamins and minerals. So I eat what my cook prefers. Sometimes, of course, I also eat buns, but now it is much less frequent than before.

As soon as I return from New York, I will immediately go in for sports. I was very inspired here by local athletes who lead healthy living. I really like to walk and sometimes run. Somewhere three times a week, doing physical activity is definitely necessary.

The most effective abdominal slimming exercise is to keep the abdomen tucked in, especially for men. And at the same time, of course, do abdominal exercises.

After losing weight, my health improved markedly. I don't blush anymore when I just tie my shoelaces. If you took off your shoes on the plane, you can put them back on without a red face and without shortness of breath.

I do not arrange fasting days, because I am afraid to harm my body. But Cheat meals - yes, it happens. One day a week I can afford to eat ice cream, honey cake and so on. I can eat something high-calorie every day - just in small quantities. For example, half a candy. Because I can't live without sweets, I'm a terrible sweet tooth. The main thing is to develop healthy eating habits, and it will be very easy from now on.

Sleep is the most important thing when losing weight, if not the most important thing in life. Be sure to sleep for 7-8 hours a day. I go to bed at about 12, maybe at one in the morning, and wake up at 9. It happens even earlier, because I take my daughter to kindergarten, so by 8 in the morning I have to be in shape. But if I have nothing else to do in the morning, I go back to bed.

Diets lead to a variety of health problems - gallstones, for example. But maybe if you starve properly, it will only benefit. However, personally, I do not adhere to any diets - I think this is not useful. You just need to eat less. But do not exclude foods from the diet at all - this can also lead to psychological problems, breakdowns and overeating.

Any restrictions should be more or less intuitive. Otherwise, it can have a detrimental effect on the body. We have a very smart body, it knows what exactly it needs. The main thing is to help him get it.

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