Crossfit Workouts At Home: 4 Key Principles

Crossfit Workouts At Home: 4 Key Principles
Crossfit Workouts At Home: 4 Key Principles

Video: Crossfit Workouts At Home: 4 Key Principles

Video: Crossfit Workouts At Home: 4 Key Principles
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Sports activities help to keep the muscles of the body in good shape, lift the mood and positively affect the health of the body as a whole. But not everyone has the ability and desire to go to the gym or other specialized institutions. Therefore, crossfit workouts at home are becoming more and more popular.


The main feature of this type of activity is that they develop endurance and the so-called "explosive strength".

The exercise system can be easily adjusted to the needs and goals of a particular person, because she is very flexible. CrossFit takes less time than traditional gym trips.

If you want to try it at home, then you must follow the 4 main principles described below. This will help prevent injury and make your workouts more effective.

Principle 1: define a goal

Any business should have a clearly defined goal. You have to decide what these workouts are for in order to know what to strive for. It should be understood that CrossFit is not very suitable as a tool for fast weight loss. In addition, it is generally better not to engage in overweight people, since such training is very stressful for the joints.

But if you want to prepare for a competition, become more mobile, improve your well-being and overall tone of the body and body muscles - CrossFit is perfect.

Principle 2: master the correct technique

In any sport, especially a high-speed one like CrossFit, it is important to have the correct exercise technique. Otherwise, they may not only fail to bring results, but also create a risk of injury.

Therefore, at the beginning of classes, you need to do exercises at a calm pace, carefully listening to your own feelings. It is also recommended to start with simple movements, and after a couple of weeks of classes move on to more complex ones.

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Principle 3: stick to your class schedule

In CrossFit, there are no standard routines like three workouts per week. Here the principles are different, and they depend on the level of training of the student and how much free time he has.

If you live on a 5/2 work schedule, then you should pay attention to the following format:

2 training days;

1 day off;

2 training days;

2 days of rest.

If your routine is completely different, then you need to select other schemes. For example, the format "3 training days, 1 day of rest" is very common, which is constantly repeated in a circle. But it is not suitable for everyone, since not everyone can do so much.

Principle 4: dose the load

This rule is important both for beginners and for those who used to be seriously engaged, but for some time kept training to a minimum, or could not devote time to them at all. The body needs time to adjust to growing loads, so they should be increased gradually. So he will be able to adapt to the established regime without damage to himself.

At the beginning of classes, be sure to:

simplify workouts;

reduce working weights;

reduce the number of approaches.

You should select the program in such a way that it is at least a little difficult for you, but at the same time does not "kill".

By adhering to the principles described above, you will make your classes effective, and you will begin to quickly move towards your goals. Here are a few more tips that should also not be neglected:

consult your doctor and diagnose the body in order to know exactly what state your body is in;

the first couple of times work out with a trainer - it will be easier with him to understand the basics and master the correct exercise technique.

Let your workouts be correct, safe and effective!

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