New Year In The Style Of Healthy Lifestyle. How Not To Get Fat During The January Holidays

New Year In The Style Of Healthy Lifestyle. How Not To Get Fat During The January Holidays
New Year In The Style Of Healthy Lifestyle. How Not To Get Fat During The January Holidays

Video: New Year In The Style Of Healthy Lifestyle. How Not To Get Fat During The January Holidays

Video: New Year In The Style Of Healthy Lifestyle. How Not To Get Fat During The January Holidays
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Now in Russia, the fashion for a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. The general passion for fitness, the pursuit of excellence. People, and not only young people, want to be beautiful, "pumped up", healthy. Someone wants to just eat right in order to lose weight or, conversely, gain muscle mass. For some, this is a way of life and a professional rule.


But sometimes the hellish work and regime of many months sadly breaks off with the onset of the New Year holidays, the feasts nullify both the desire for perfection and the results. Why is this happening?

This and other questions are answered by the expert of "AiF-Rostov" - a doctor, a well-known nutritionist in the Rostov region, Ivan Samsoniuk.

It should be added that Ivan makes a menu not only for his mother, relatives and friends. His advice is used by patients, including Anastasia Mityanina, a representative of the conference service of the UN headquarters in Vienna, two-time world armwrestling champion Grigory Strelnikov, a representative of the Association of Russian Strongmen, IPF master of sports, Mikhail Ivanov, a professional Don boxer, WBC Silver champion, WB international champion (2014-2015) Dmitry Kudryashov and many other fans of a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrient to help

Valentina Vartsaba, "AiF on Don": Ivan, why is this happening - the person led a healthy lifestyle all year, and then broke down - could not resist the champagne, mother's jelly and grandmother's cake? Is it bad?

Ivan Samsoniuk: If a person has been leading a healthy lifestyle all year long, while having passed all the abundance of holidays during the year, then he clearly deserves it! And he will not have any consequences from such a menu, because 365 days of the body's recovery are certainly stronger than a couple of January feasts.

- Very often people lose weight by the spring, by the swimming season, by the New Year, but this work on themselves is of a project nature. Like a pill from the head: I got into the dress (the headache was gone) - why try further …

- Indeed, there is a seasonality of interest in diets and a healthy lifestyle (HLS). I think it has more to do with mentality than with the physiology of the body. The question is in the personal motivation and goals of each individual person. But this is no longer a job for a nutritionist.

- Are the reasons for the breakdowns in the character of a person or is it in food? In a monotonous, often tasteless diet and other restrictions that deprive simple joys and beyond all power?

- And this is already my path. I believe that more than 95% of various cravings for the forbidden and breakdowns occur not at all because of the nature, but because of the banal lack of any nutrient in the body. Whether it is a lack of protein, a trace element or a single vitamin. Naturally, the body tries to compensate for this by increased food intake, hoping to get the necessary "material".

This situation is aggravated, of course, by strict restrictions, which in reality are absolutely not justified. So there is no need to understand the symptom - to set yourself up psychologically, endure with clenched teeth. You need to find the reason - what exactly is lacking in the body? But unfortunately, most modern approaches, standard diets (one for all), do not take these features into account, since they are designed for a mass approach. And we are all different!

Three-legged chair

- What is proper nutrition ("peep", #pmenu, as they say and write in the fitness environment)? What's his secret? Is it more control and limitation of yourself or the right mix of nutrients (proteins, fats, carbohydrates)?

- For me personally, "proper nutrition" is nutrition that corresponds to specific tasks of a specific person. Everything. As for the rest, I try to avoid the concept of "pp" due to the lack of a definition of this term. Of course, the most rational approach will be reflected in the correct combination of proteins, fats and carbohydrates (PFC) over a long distance. Then there will be no need for control or restrictions.

- Why is proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle necessary for everyone and is it necessary or is it only the lot of athletes and visitors to financial centers?

- Health and longevity. Here's what you can achieve by following certain dietary guidelines. Work schedule, physical activity, rest and nutrition are the main factors on which your future well-being depends. If nutrition is inadequate, your stool has three legs. Of course, you can sit, but … In this case, we are talking only about nutrition, about one of the components of a lifestyle. How many legs does your chair have?

In other words, whatever you want to do with your body, you cannot cope without proper nutrition. But! No matter how right you eat, if at the same time you do not adhere to a healthy lifestyle in general, there will be no result either.

So in our city, "healthy food" has appeared conveniently and, most importantly, tasty, and the nutritional guru @ doctorzluk # DmitryKudryashov # look at the plate # MIC # Mirbox #vsenabox # sledgehammer # kudryashov # ppkamin # RoNPP # RosAtom will keep track of my diet and weight # RostovnaDon # Rosenergoatom # Volgodonsk

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What is the medicine and what is the poison?

- Can the New Year's menu consist of traditional dishes and at the same time remain tasty, beautiful and at the same time healthy? Is it okay to eat at night? Can New Year's Eve be an exception?

- If we paraphrase Paracelsus, we can say this: only the dose distinguishes a medicine from a poison. Any holiday menu can be safe if consumed in moderation. It is simply necessary not to make a cult out of food. But at night it is quite possible to eat! The only rule is that the last meal should be an hour and a half before bedtime and should not be bulky.

- What products should be on the New Year's (Christmas) table? How to combine them correctly and how to take them, so as not to break loose, not get out of the regime and not ruin your holiday.

- Meat, fish, cheeses, vegetables and any combination of these products. Which, in general, is the usual basis of the New Year's table. I repeat, each person will have their own limitations and allowances. Even mayonnaise in classic Olivier may not do any harm.

- Can you eat bread? How much and how much? - You can, if it fits into the daily intake of carbohydrates (which is calculated for each person separately). It is better if it is whole grain bread. But beware, many manufacturers simply add seeds to their bread and call it "whole grain" because of this. But in fact, such a product should be made from rye flour. It is better to refuse bread made of premium flour for almost everyone.

But the biggest problem is the presence of alcohol on the New Year's table, and, as a rule, quite abundant. It is he who can knock absolutely anyone out of the regime and ruin the holiday for the body.

- Where to get the right products: buy, cook yourself, calculate calories correctly, and how, finally, store?

- Buying food for the New Year is usually not a problem. The volume of purchases in stores is huge, because of this, products are often updated without "stale". But in any case, carefully study the expiration date of the purchased item. Products that have already been on the New Year's table for several hours (especially mayonnaise salads) should be stored in the refrigerator for no more than a day in order to avoid food poisoning that occurs so often in January.

As for counting calories, then regarding our mentality, wouldn't it be better not to count anything on this holiday, but just relax? But already from the new year to do this closely.

- What will be your menu for the New Year? Offer a sample healthy lifestyle menu for our readers.

- My New Year's menu is a good piece of meat and a delicious vegetable salad. I am not a supporter of feasts, since I do not feel any more appetite after eating once. By the way, this effect can be achieved if you just do not drink alcohol and on the 31st eat all day according to plan, and not wait with an empty stomach for the New Year's feast.

Or you can not cook anything, but buy everything in a cafe, many of which already have sets of dishes for the whole day in their menu. At the same time, they are tasty and appetizing. Personally, I have long since switched to a healthy food menu from a local restaurant chain.

Ivan Samsoniuk: New Year's menu in the style of healthy lifestyle

An approximate, universal menu for the New Year or Christmas table:

Greek salad; Caesar salad with rye croutons; meat baked with zucchini or eggplant; cheese plate; brown or black rice risotto with seafood; sandwiches with salmon and Philadelphia cheese on rye bread; from beef tongue.

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