7 Beauty Secrets For Perfect Legs

7 Beauty Secrets For Perfect Legs
7 Beauty Secrets For Perfect Legs

Video: 7 Beauty Secrets For Perfect Legs

Video: 7 Beauty Secrets For Perfect Legs
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Contents Make the skin perfectly smooth Don't forget about pedicure Eliminate the "orange peel" Put the emphasis on hydration Work on slimness Mask minor imperfections Perform foot massage

Marlene Dietrich said: "My legs are not so beautiful, I just know what to do with them." Indeed, even if your legs are not perfect by nature, you should not put up with the situation and hide your lower body under a long skirt. You can independently work on harmony, grace and well-groomed limbs.

MedAboutMe offers to arm yourself with 7 beauty secrets, with the help of which you will be able to "mold" the legs of your dreams.

We make the skin perfectly smooth

One of the main secrets of well-groomed feet is soft, even skin. You can remove hair from the body in any suitable way: from shaving with a machine to laser, photoepilation. The main thing is that the chosen method does not cause irritation, and among its consequences there are no cuts, ingrown hairs and other unpleasant surprises. To prevent ingrown hairs, it is necessary to use scrubs, for example, from coffee grounds, special lotions.

It is interesting!

What is meant by the concept of "ideal legs"? Several criteria are used to assess the beauty of female legs. And one of them is the rule of four "windows". Perfect legs must have a definite shape, they don't have to be perfectly straight. The bend of the limbs is considered a reference if, when the legs are brought together, gaps are formed - between the feet and ankles, under the knees, in the lower thighs above the knees and between the groin and thighs. The last of the four "windows" should be the narrowest.

Don't forget about pedicure

Beautiful legs are silky skin, neat nail shape, appropriate polish color, or even an unusual design. You cannot skip a pedicure, because it is not only an aesthetic, but also a therapeutic and prophylactic procedure. It is not for nothing that even in Ancient Greece, foot care turned into a whole ritual. Regular visits to the master will relieve you of corns, calluses, cracked heels. You can not chase the latest trends and experiment with design, but you need to maintain the graceful shape of the nails, you need to paint them in a neutral color in any season.

Eliminating the "orange peel"

Many women are embarrassed to wear dresses and skirts due to cellulite. There are no "magic" products with instant anti-cellulite action. But systematic work on the problem will help to reduce the severity of the "orange peel" even in advanced situations. It is necessary to fight cellulite in a comprehensive manner - using physical activity, proper nutrition, cosmetic procedures, massage. If you wish, you can use cosmetic innovations to speed up the process.

Expert commentary Irina Navoeva, cosmetologist, dermatologist

Advanced, highly effective and safe cosmetology technologies of the twenty-first century allow you to follow new trends in the care of delightful legs. The beautiful female sex, as well as their male protectors, can and should maintain beauty, health of the legs, strive for perfection!

What can spoil the beauty of your legs and how to fix it?

1. Unwanted hair

The solution is laser hair removal. This is the most effective, painless, fast and safe method of leg hair removal. Laser hair removal leaves the skin clean, free of ingrown hairs and irritation. After the first procedure, the condition of the skin on the legs improves, the hair becomes thinner and thinner. Some types of laser hair removal, moreover, help to reduce vascular manifestations and help prevent their occurrence.

2. Spider veins on the legs

The solution is to remove spider veins (telangiectasia) using a neodymium laser, Elos therapy and mesotherapy. The treatment program and course of procedures are selected individually. The methods can be combined to achieve the effect. The procedures are practically painless, highly effective and do not interfere with your usual lifestyle.

3. Swelling

The solution is procedures on the multifunctional device VIP Line. This safe method is suitable for those who fly frequently and are prone to swelling. The device was developed for the rehabilitation of astronauts after flights. VIP Line is a good gymnastics for muscles and blood vessels. Procedures on it tone the muscles of the legs, buttocks, abdomen and generally improve cellular, fat metabolism.

4. Fat traps

The solution is mesotherapy, zeltic / cryolipolysis. The introduction of a drug (vascular drugs, lipolytics) into the subcutaneous fat increases microcirculation, strengthens blood vessels, and reduces the volume of subcutaneous fat. Zeltic / Cryolipolysis - Non-surgical removal of localized fat deposits using patented cooling technology. A unique procedure that does not require rehabilitation, is painless and comfortable to carry out.

5. Flabby knees, inner thighs, buttocks

Solution - SMAS-lifting (Ulthera), VIP Line. SMAS lifting stimulates the synthesis of elastin and collagen. The effect grows within 6-8 months. The procedure is painless, does not require rehabilitation, without damaging the skin. The Isoj function of the VIP Line apparatus contributes to the correction of the skin, both as an independent method and in interaction with additional procedures. As a result of the course of procedures, lymphatic drainage is normalized, muscle tone is increased and the skin is tightened.

6. Stretch marks

The solution is laser resurfacing. One of the most effective ways to remove stretch marks works by breaking down scar fibers, which stimulates the production of new collagen fibers. The destroyed fibers are replaced by new ones. The skin becomes even, the area of stretch marks is significantly reduced.

7. Cellulite

The solution is mesotherapy cocktails. The introduction of drugs into the subcutaneous fat activates blood circulation, lymph outflow, increases collagen synthesis. As a result, the "orange peel" disappears, tissue density is eliminated, swelling decreases, and inflammatory processes pass.

A combination of different methods for foot care gives the best results. The procedures are selected individually, according to indications and contraindications. To maintain good results, preserve the beauty of the legs, you should work hard on your own: eat right, play sports, lead a healthy lifestyle, prevent the appearance of stretch marks, cellulite and other unpleasant phenomena.

Shifting the focus to hydration

The skin of your legs should always look well-groomed, even if you don't wear dresses and skirts that often. Lack of moisture will make the epidermis dull and flabby. In addition to peeling and nutrition, it is imperative to include the use of moisturizing lotions, creams and other cosmetics in the beauty program. You can choose olive oil or almond oil to soften your skin. They should be applied to the body immediately after water procedures. For express moisturizing, you should use the advice of the models: lubricate your feet with a greasy baby cream, put on cotton tights and go to bed. You do not need to wash off the product in the morning, the skin will be perfectly smooth.

Working on harmony

It is possible to improve the shape of the legs, make them more fit and slender without regular visits to the gym. If you don't have enough time for fitness training, you should look at other types of physical activity. Swimming, cycling, jogging, and dancing can help reduce fat deposits on the hips and legs. But even if such a load cannot be arranged, you can simply walk as often as possible and never use the elevator. Walking stairs burns calories well too!

Expert commentary Irina Borisova, fitness trainer, fitness center manager

Do you want your legs to be beautiful and slender? Start doing the versatile exercises for slimming hips, legs today! These exercises will help reduce body fat and significantly tighten the skin. As a result, you will make your legs graceful, without signs of cellulite. As a fitness trainer, I recommend using a variety of exercises that you can do at the gym and at home.

Immediately after exercises for the muscles of the press, exercises for weight loss of legs are in popularity among athletes. Probably everyone who wanted to lose weight, dreamed of making their legs slim, tried to do well-known squats, lunges. If this load was not enough for you to achieve the result, I suggest switching to alternative exercises. This is a simple set of energy-intensive leg workouts that will intensively burn fat.

The standard leg slimming plan is all week long. Write it down! On Monday, Wednesday and Friday, do all of the following exercises 15 times on each leg: lunges, side lunges, squats, leg raises, bridge with pelvic support for 15 seconds. On Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays, focus on cardio: walking at a fast pace, running, step aerobics in the fitness room. On Sunday you need to arrange a rest, and on Monday again return to work rhythm. With this approach, the legs will quickly come into shape, cellulite and flabbiness will disappear. Ready? Go!

Masking minor imperfections

Feet also sometimes needs makeup, because unburned skin does not always look attractive. What if you are still far away from the beach holiday, and you don't want to part with skirts and short shorts in your wardrobe? To eliminate the pallor of the skin of the legs, you can use a self-tanner. Correctly selected in shade means visually make your legs slimmer. And if the skin color suits you, but the appearance of the body is spoiled by bruises, stretch marks, scars, you can hide these imperfections with waterproof concealers. These products should match your natural skin tone.

It is interesting!

For those who do not want or do not have time to engage in special exercises for slimming legs, some little tricks will be salvation. Specially selected clothes and shoes will help to visually make your legs more slender. A couple of extra pounds will be "removed" by black tights, and additional centimeters in length will be "added" by flesh-colored shoes in combination with the same tights and stockings. Shoes to match the trousers also help lengthen your legs. Highlighters will visually reduce the volume. They should be applied from the front and back in the center of the lower leg and thighs, carefully shading.

We perform foot massage

A high-quality massage will help you forget about heaviness in the limbs, fatigue, and swelling. These procedures are indispensable in cases where you have to walk often or you mostly stand at work all day. It is best to have relaxing sessions before bed - after a bath or shower. First, you need to raise your legs and rest in this position for half an hour, and then proceed with the massage. For care, you can use any vegetable oil with the addition of 3-5 drops of essential cedar nut oil. This mixture stimulates blood circulation and additionally nourishes the epidermis. In the summer months, do not miss the opportunity to walk barefoot on the grass, sand, pebbles. These walks will bring pleasure and benefit, they will replace foot massage.

Did you know?

In the East, the art of foot massage is called "The happiness of your feet."The massage procedure has a complex effect on the body - not only improves the appearance of the feet, but also relieves fatigue, normalizes the functioning of internal organs, eliminates insomnia and even helps to prolong life. This is because biologically active points are located on the soles of the feet, when exposed to which, a person's well-being returns to normal.

The beauty of the legs is, first of all, taking care of the health and appearance of this part of the body. Anyone can approach the ideal. To do this, you must not forget about fitness, competent skin and nail care, healthy nutrition. The result will not keep you waiting!

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