I Didn't Even Have The Strength To Speak: Three Personal Stories Of Women Bodybuilders

I Didn't Even Have The Strength To Speak: Three Personal Stories Of Women Bodybuilders
I Didn't Even Have The Strength To Speak: Three Personal Stories Of Women Bodybuilders

Video: I Didn't Even Have The Strength To Speak: Three Personal Stories Of Women Bodybuilders

Video: I Didn't Even Have The Strength To Speak: Three Personal Stories Of Women Bodybuilders
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As sculptors work with a stone, so bodybuilders work with a body, carving an ideal relief from a mass of muscles. Why one sip of water can be an unaffordable luxury and what is behind literal following the idea of "do it yourself" - firsthand.


We have all heard about the requirements for the participants of beauty contests: weigh less than 50 kg, smile, keep fit. Bodybuilding - the same rules, but cubed. In bodybuilding competitions, it is not only the overall image that matters, but every detail - from the upper right biceps to the lower notch on the left calf. The main idea behind bodybuilding is simple: anyone can be molded into anything.

Have you heard that there is no symmetrical body? For bodybuilders, this is an empty phrase.

Non-bodybuilders have been practicing in gyms for years to see even a hint of relief. And it doesn't matter to them that the oblique muscles of the abdomen on the left side are noticeable a little worse. Bodybuilders measure their body with a ruler and, in the case of minimal asymmetry, spend the night in the same gyms, testing all variants of twisting with weights. Ahead is the competition, where the judges have eyes like building levels.

The fairy tale does not end with sports. Bodybuilding is 24 hours a day dedicated to strict regimen, body treatments, calorie counting and PJU. A few months before the competition, bodybuilders go on rigid diets. No, they don't just exclude sweets from the diet, but, for example, everything that can be bitten. Except chicken breast, eggs and vegetables, of course. Right before - training in rubber suits and not a single sip of water. This is how bodybuilders put the body into a state of planned stress in order to dry out. The price for symmetry, beautiful volumes and a medal, logically, becomes health.

Ksenia Kiseleva, two-time vice-world champion, two-time champion of Russia in body fitness @ksenabond:

“Preparing for a competition is not easy. Every morning begins with cardio on an empty stomach, during the day, mandatory strength from 1 to 1.5 hours, in the evening - again cardio. And so five times a week. The remaining days I devote to one cardio workout, a trip to the sauna and a massage.

The diet is strict. From carbohydrates: buckwheat, rice and oatmeal, I completely remove them a week before the competition. For proteins: you can lean fish, turkey or chicken breast, egg whites. Only yolks and olive oil are used as fats. Plus a lot of fiber (fresh vegetables, herbs) and water. A month before the competition, I completely remove the salt. Dairy products are always banned. I know the diet is rather poor, but you get used to it over time.

I replenish the low fat content with vitamins, so the female cycle works like a clock.

The week before the competition is the most crucial moment. Carbohydrates to zero, strength is generally in the red. But you need to exercise and be sure to sleep a lot - everything to reduce the level of cortisol, the stress hormone, otherwise the form is lost. You start to drink less water (about 200 ml per day) and go to the sauna more often. Only one small cup of coffee is allowed per day. On the day of going on stage, no liquids at all. In addition, all this time I have been wearing a special slimming corset.

On Xenia: underpants, Better Me; tights - the property of the stylist

The procedures are just as important: to reduce the amount of water in the body and improve the relief, I do LPG massages, for the sake of a good skin turgor - mesotherapy. There was an unpleasant story in 2016 with synthol injections - the drug turned out to be fake, and multiple fibrosis formed. Because of the big bumps in the competition, I was not given first place. Now the problem does not bother, but the doctors unanimously say that it is better to remove, - I cannot speak like that. I try to dissuade everyone from unnecessary risks with my sad example."

Tamila Sadulaeva, vice-champion of Moscow in the Womensphysique category, elite fitness and bodybuilding trainer @ tamila.sd:

“There are not many professionals in the bodybuilding world who really understand sports training. And, as a rule, such experts charge a lot of money for their services. When you first start thinking about competitions, the financial question immediately arises. There are two options: either prepare yourself and ask for help from your dumbbell comrades, or increase your income and turn to the pros.

At the beginning of the journey, I wanted everything at once. So there were two appearances on the stage, beaten by the most severe diet and insane sports load. In addition, then I worked as a trainer, and this is 8-10 personal lessons a day. And don't forget about your personal life. I remember that I did not even have the strength to speak - for two months before the competition you live in some kind of drunken delirium. Two hours of cardio and 1,500 calories a day at a weight of 70 kg, with almost no carbohydrates (the main source of energy. - Ed.). Here such willpower will be trained - it will not seem a little.

Every day I got up at 6 in the morning, pedaled my bike and ran to work. For 16 weeks.

Now, of course, I understand that such a regime is pure masochism. Bodybuilding is not a cheap sport. You have to work hard to provide yourself at least with training for competitions (and still find time for them). Someone else has a family. Nevertheless, it is still possible to prepare and not be killed. It becomes easier when you go to the level of sponsorship contracts and advertising. And in general, in my opinion, bodybuilding can be called one of the safest sports. The main thing is an experienced coach and control of the sports process, health and recovery."

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Maria Koretskaya, elite trainer of the World Class fitness club chain, master of sports in bodybuilding and European and world bench press champion @ steel_lady2017:

“The reality is that in bodybuilding you have to give up literally everything - the regime does not allow you to live your usual life. Sweet exclude, there is only steamed, boiled or stewed. Lots of protein, frequent meals, tons of sports supplements to help you recover. And where without 12 workouts a week. Health, of course, is on the edge. I had problems with cerebrovascular accidents.

The truth is that the price of any professional athlete's success is health planted.

The week before the competition is equal to all the efforts before that in the cube. This is going to peak shape. If you miss something, consider it wasted time. I remember my one eaten apple and losing weight from 70 kg to 49 in three months. Fortunately, my training experience is already 25 years. I can’t even believe that I can eat sweets now.”

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