Old Man, Stranger, Lover: Why Do Men Dream

Old Man, Stranger, Lover: Why Do Men Dream
Old Man, Stranger, Lover: Why Do Men Dream

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Men often dream of certain events that are about to happen. In "Utro.ru" they talked about various interpretations of this dream.

According to Miller's dream book, an elderly man who comes to sleep speaks of a long life, which will end only in old age. The evil representatives of the stronger sex symbolize sadness, and the aggressive ones mark the time of worrying about the one whom you considered your close friend.

In Vanga's dream book it is said that if a familiar person is dreaming, then the dream has no semantic load and a prophetic outcome. However, the subject of constant thoughts may appear.

For example, a loved one, who is dressed all in black, warns of impending danger. In this case, it is necessary to show concentration and be in constant vigilance. But strangers can appear in a dream with unexpected news of intrigue, it can also be a harbinger of a long-awaited romantic relationship with incredible and exciting adventures.

Freud's dream book interprets dreams differently. In particular, everything depends on the personality of the sleeping person. If this is a man, then such a dream indicates the appearance of an unexpected rival who threatens with failure on the personal front. It can also speak of your own fears, insecurities and complexes. Women can see in the image of a man in a dream a lack of love, care and affection. However, one should pay attention to the age, appearance and behavior of the dreaming potential chosen one. These details should be guided by when looking for a partner.

Sleep scientists have previously linked the quality of sleep to the alarm melody. In addition, it is important that the signal is heard at the same time.

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