10 Biggest Myths About Breast Health

10 Biggest Myths About Breast Health
10 Biggest Myths About Breast Health

Video: 10 Biggest Myths About Breast Health

Video: 10 Biggest Myths About Breast Health
Video: Doctor Debunks 5 Breast Myths You Still Believe | Do Bras Cause Cancer!? 2023, March

Contents The symbol of female beauty and its secrets Myth: "The larger the bust, the better!" Myth: "If you want to have a large and healthy breast - stock up on cabbage" Myth: "Mammography is needed to prevent breast cancer" Myth: "The predisposition to breast cancer is transmitted genetically" Myth: “Small breasts are less productive when breastfeeding” Myth: “Breastfeeding will inevitably ruin the shape of the breast” Myth: “Small bust does not need a bra” Myth: “Sleeping in a bra helps keep the breast shape” Myth: “Using deodorants promotes cancer breast "Myth:" Breast augmentation surgery deprives it of sensitivity"


Today, September 3, on the anniversary of the invention of the bra, MedAboutMe invites you to explore the topic of sizen breasts, along with the myths surrounding this beautiful part of the body.

The symbol of female beauty and its secrets

The smooth curves of the female figure would not be so exciting if it were not for the chest, a real symbol of femininity. How many experiences are connected with the breast, cannot be expressed in words. Moreover, both men and women are worried. For the first, a beautiful bust causes pleasant languor in different parts of the body and sweet fantasies. The latter are more concerned with how to find the breast of a dream and keep it healthy and beautiful for years to come.

Anything that evokes strong emotions, sooner or later, will certainly become overgrown with myths and delusions, more or less harmless. But is it worth rushing around with erroneous judgments and traumatic beliefs in our enlightened age? Let's dispel the myths. Women's breasts do not need myth-making, they are already beautiful. And it is worth taking care of her health with all responsibility and knowledge of the matter.

Myth: "The bigger the bust, the better!"

Many people firmly believe that everyone, without exception, dreams of big breasts, both men and women. It is not true.

There are indeed quite a few men among men who like to imagine spicy situations with the participation of busty beauties. But in reality, most men prefer medium-sized female breasts. The rest are more concerned not with the size, but with the shape and elasticity, and for some, in general, it is not the bust that is more important, but the temperament of its owner, her character and that magic spark from which the volcano of passion flares up.

It's a little more complicated with women. Some part of the female population of the planet actually dreams of a giant breast, believing that "there is no limit to beauty." It is they who go under the surgeon's knife to insert huge implants, sometimes more than once. And when the breast finally becomes more like the very pumpkin that Cinderella's carriage turns into at midnight, the woman feels happy. The rest furtively twist their fingers at their temples, because they understand: beauty is not in magnitude, but in harmony.

In addition, the owners of an impressive bust of natural origin are far from always happy with their wealth. It is not at all a great pleasure to carry such a weight. Under the straps of the bra, the skin hurts, coarsens and darkens. It is difficult to find a bra. It is absolutely impossible to do without it, since heavy breasts sag faster. There are also problems with the selection of clothes. And summer also adds diaper rash under the breasts. And my back hurts a lot in the evening. And it's uncomfortable to lie on your stomach. On the back, however, not very good either. So do not be jealous of the owners of a large bust. The benefits are more than offset by the inconveniences.

About 20% of women are dissatisfied with the size of their breasts and would like to enlarge it. Nearly 10 million women have already had their breasts enlarged. But among the owners of a naturally large bust, thousands dream of breast reduction surgery, and about 600 such operations are performed annually in the American Mayo Clinic alone. Most busty Europeans live in the UK: more than 30% of British women have bust size D, E, F and above. The British are followed by the Dutch, Danes and Belgians. There are no Russian women in this rating, not because they are all flat-chested: they just did not take part in the study. Perhaps because the Europeans were afraid of competition. Myth: "If you want to have big and healthy breasts, stock up on cabbage."

Any woman at least once in her life has heard the statement that eating cabbage promotes breast growth. This is repeated by our beloved grandmothers and mothers who have listened to grandmothers. And put in a plate of stewed cabbage, sauerkraut, cabbage pies and mouth-watering cabbage casserole. Some even say that cabbage is full of phytoestrogens, which cause the effect of breast enlargement. And therefore, they say, it is better for men not to lean on cabbage, because noticeable mammary glands look out of place on the male body.

All this is nonsense. You can and should eat cabbage, it is a useful product, rich in fiber, vitamins and other useful substances. But the cabbage diet will not affect breast size. Other diets, dietary supplements and pills - too.

A separate story with the use of cabbage as a remedy for breast diseases: mastitis, mastopathy, etc. Traditional medicine calls cabbage the first medicine for breast ailments. And the mastitis from it goes away, and the mastopathy is cured, and even cancer can be prevented, or even cured.

Don't believe it, please. There is absolutely no scientific data confirming the effectiveness of cabbage in the prevention and treatment of breast diseases. It is permissible to use folk cabbage recipes as an additional remedy, but only after a visit to the doctor and with his permission. After, not instead! Otherwise, you can waste precious time and cause irreparable harm to your health.

Myth: "Mammography is needed to prevent breast cancer"

Delusion. Mammography is not at all curative or preventive, but just a diagnostic procedure that helps to identify the disease at an early stage and start treatment on time. It is necessary for all women over 40 years of age to undergo it, at least annually.

Myth: "Breast cancer predisposition is genetically transmitted"

In fact this is not true. Indeed, genes have been identified that can influence the likelihood of developing the disease. But this is not a prerequisite for the formation of a tumor. Breast cancer can develop in anyone, including men, regardless of whether a relative has had it. That is why it is necessary to regularly undergo mammography and consultation with a mammologist.

Myth: "Small breasts are less productive when feeding a baby."

This is absolutely not the case. The productivity of a woman's breasts has nothing to do with her size. Owners of a small bust can literally fill themselves with milk and feed two or three babies, causing the envy of busty mothers.

Myth: "Breastfeeding inevitably ruins the shape of the breast."

Not at all necessary. This misconception has arisen due to the fact that pregnancy and breastfeeding are associated with various changes in the woman's body, which in total can really affect the elasticity and beauty of the breast. They can, but not necessarily. Gaining excess weight and the associated increase in size can have a negative impact. A large bust is less resistant to gravity and loses its elasticity faster, and this is true. Lactation also increases size. In addition, after the age of 30, natural age factors come into effect, leading to a decrease in the elasticity of the muscles that support the chest "at height".

Many women who have nursed 2 or more children do not complain about the loss of the beauty of their breasts. You should not deprive the baby of mother's milk for the sake of preserving the figure.

Myth: "Small bust doesn't need a bra"

This is not true. The connective tissue fibers and muscles that support the shape of the breast are weak and thin. With age, they stretch themselves, and the lack of support speeds up this process. It is especially important to wear the right bra when playing sports.

Myth: "Sleeping in a bra helps maintain the shape of the breast."

Halle Berry argued so, for example. But in fact, it is most beneficial to sleep without clothes at all, so that the body can rest. This also applies to the mammary glands, and so chained throughout the day in a bra. Let them rest in freedom, at least during sleep.

Myth: "Using deodorants contributes to the development of breast cancer"

No scientific evidence has been found for this. Antiperspirants applied to underarm skin immediately after shaving or waxing can cause irritation or an allergic reaction, that's true. But scientists could not find a connection between deodorant and tumor development. Use cosmetics for health, it is not dangerous.

Myth: "Breast augmentation surgery desensitizes"

No, this is not entirely true. Correctly performed operation leads to a short-term loss of sensitivity, but after 2-3 weeks everything is restored. If the sensitivity has not returned, this indicates the errors of the surgeon who installed the implants.

But what you really should not expect is that the breast enlarged with implants will feel exactly the same as a natural, natural one. Will not be.

Expert Commentary Daniel S. Mills, Plastic Surgeon, Laguna Beach, USA

It is believed that the shape and firmness of a woman's breasts can be maintained by wearing a bra, but this is not entirely true. A much more important role is played by the size of the breast and the age of its owner. The larger the bust, the more difficult it is for him to resist the action of gravity. And with age, any, even small breasts, sag, this is how the body works.

And we must remember that no amount of physical exercise will help to return a sagging bust to its place. Simply because a woman's breasts are not made up of muscles, but mostly fat and glandular tissue. You can pump up the muscles that lie deeper, tighten the ligaments, but this will not affect the part that consists of adipose tissue.

The form can only be returned surgically. It will not affect the sensitivity of one of the sexiest parts of a woman's body, but it will make her feel beautiful and confident. If this is not enough for her - why not?

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