Stars Who Have Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Manage It?

Stars Who Have Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Manage It?
Stars Who Have Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Manage It?

Video: Stars Who Have Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Manage It?

Video: Stars Who Have Lost More Than 10 Kg In Record Time: How Did They Manage It?
Video: 15 Famous People Lost Extreme Amount Of Weight 2023, March

Gordon Ramsay, minus 25 kilograms


The chef of Hell's Kitchen has lost weight for the sake of his beloved. In January 2018, Ramsay admitted that he decided to lose weight in order to maintain a relationship with his wife Tana. “I was 120 kilograms overweight. I looked like a bag. Today I look at the photos and think: "How did Tana stay there?" Because she looks a hundred times better and more beautiful. And imagine she went to bed with "this." To get in good shape, he participated in numerous Ironman tournaments and trained constantly. On October 21, 2018, in Malibu, he shared the results of his labors for the first time. Impressive?

Kevin Smith, minus 18 kilograms

In February 2018, Kevin suffered a heart attack that almost resulted in death. Doctors strongly recommended that he lose at least 25 kilograms, 12 of which he easily lost after 2 weeks. By May 15, 2018, Smith had already lost 18. Then he wrote on Instagram: “I dropped 18 out of 25. The doctor told me to drop another 7, in order to achieve my goal, I have to give up 5 favorite dishes that really brought me pleasure. Well. Let's start!"

Missy Elliott, minus 15 kilograms

Elliot showed off her new body on Instagram in May 2018. “I can proudly say that 4 months of my diet have passed, I drank only water, no juices or soda, I removed bread from the diet, God knows, it was the most difficult for me!” The rapper, who now looks fantastic, although her weight is still fluctuating a little, not only showed a slender figure, but also admitted that proper nutrition brightened the skin from the inside and gave a feeling of lightness throughout the body. “I lost 15 kilos eating healthy food while working on the @shauntfitness video. And it was easy!"

John Hill, minus 15 kilograms

From superbad to super slim! Hill first announced his intention to lose weight in 2011. “He started working with a nutritionist and working out with a trainer,” said a friend of John's. Since then, he has been diligently losing weight and developing new habits. And at MetGal in 2018, he finally donned a skin-tight suit and impressed us all with an amazing result.

Tyler Baltierra, minus 17 kilograms

In February 2018, the Teen Mom OG star showed off his new figure and admitted that he lost 17 kilos in just 2 months. “I'm not really on a diet, I just started caring more about what I eat,” Baltierra said. "To speed up the process of losing weight, I reduced my carbohydrate intake (in addition to toast at afternoon tea), began to eat fruits, smoked fish and vegetables for lunch, and choose lean meats, vegetables and salad for dinner."

Mom June Shannon, minus 150 kilograms

Hot Mom! June Shannon - aka Mama June - spoke about how she lost 150 kilograms on the reality show MamJune: From Not to Hot. In May 2016, with a weight of 230 kg, the TV presenter underwent gastric banding, and then underwent abdominoplasty. Today she continues to keep fit, working out with a coach 2-3 times a week.

Jimmy Kimmel, minus 12 kilograms

Host Jimmy Kimmel Live! didn't worry about his weight until Dr. Oz was a guest on his show in 2010. Then the doctor said that he was worried about Jimmy's excess weight, and the comedian listened to his words and went on a diet. How did he eat? Two protein shakes and a light dinner every day for eight weeks, and then switching to 2,000 calories a day, helped him quickly lose 12 kilograms. A man maintains good shape by arranging 2 fasting days a week, during which he consumes no more than 500 calories a day.

Rosie O'Donnell, minus 25 kilograms

Amazing result! In April 2014, Rosie posted her photos on the Web with the caption: "Almost 25 kilograms - now I can definitely see the difference." The Fosters star said that the lost pounds are the result of weight loss surgery.

Chris Pratt, minus 30 kilograms

Chris gained weight to play Andy Dwyer in Parks and Recreation, and then dropped 30 kilograms for his role in the action movie Guardians of the Galaxy. The actor gave up beer, started counting calories and drank a lot of water. To put himself in order, he performed a set of exercises, went in for jogging, swimming and boxing, worked with a trainer six days a week.

Snooki, minus 21 kilograms

Jersey Shore girl showed her dazzling body after having a baby on the cover of Us Weekly in March 2013. Snooki lost 21 kilograms after the birth of her son Lorenzo: “When you have a child, everything changes. But I did it for myself, I want to be a beautiful mother."

Christina Aguilera, minus 10 kilograms

The pop diva showed off her slender figure at the premiere of the fourth season of The Voice in March 2013. The star has lost 10 kilograms. Aguilera got her body back in top shape by training with fitness guru Ti Sorge and doing yoga. “For her, it’s the connection between mind and body,” says her trainer. "She believes in the effectiveness of the exercises she enjoys, not grueling cardio."

Miranda Lambert, minus 12 kilograms

In November 2013, the country star wrote a blog post to dispel myths about the alleged stomach reduction surgery. “I lost weight in a healthy and old-fashioned way,” Lambert wrote. "I watch what I eat and train with my Bill Crutchfield."

Jordin Sparks, minus 25 kilograms

The Tattoo singer exuded confidence at the 2012 Teen Choice Awards, showing off her figure after losing 25 kg. “There is no secret. It's just the right diet and lifestyle,”said the girl. Jordin added that she was sweating on a zumba and counting calories. “I stop eating when I feel full,” she shared. “I love food, I love to eat. But now I ask myself, am I hungry or is it just delicious? If the latter, I refuse."

Kirsty Ellie, minus 50 kilograms

"I lost a million kilograms!" - shared Ellie in April 2011. The Fat Actress star lost a whopping 50kg, going from size 14 to size 6 between 2010 and 2011. The girl's representative, Jenny Craig, explains the girl's success by the fact that she chose the right method of losing weight: “She never lost her diet, took dietary supplements and went in for sports.”

Kelly Osbourne, minus 21 kilograms

“Being fat turned out to be more painful than being a drug addict,” admitted Osborne, who was admitted to a drug treatment clinic in February 2010. To lose weight, Osborne chose the healthy route - regular exercise and portion control. “I'm really proud to look in the mirror and not hate everything I see,” says Kelly. "I don't think anymore why I don't look like this or that girl."

Drew Carey, minus 35 kilograms

"No donuts!" - the strictest dietary rule since 2010. “I'm just tired of being fat,” said Carey. "I work out with a trainer who gives me advice on what to do, how long to run, what my heart rate should be." Stellar Weight Loss Stories:

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