7 Vacation Habits That Are Killing You

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7 Vacation Habits That Are Killing You
7 Vacation Habits That Are Killing You

Video: 7 Vacation Habits That Are Killing You

Video: 7 Vacation Habits That Are Killing You
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Going on vacation at sea - have a rest to the fullest, so that later there will be something to tell about. It is a pity, at the end of this advice they do not add: "just do not relax too much and do not do dangerous stupid things." Anews has collected common tourist habits that kill both health and positive attitude. Don't do that, and your vacation memories won't feel like shivering.


Salty means safe

Swimming in the sea, many are so addicted to the process that they stop paying attention to the water entering their mouths. Yes, it is salty, it tastes unpleasant, but people still swallow it, even though they frown and try to spit.

What's wrong? If you are not completely sure that there is no pipe sticking out next to the beach with dubious water flowing out of it, it is better to swim with your mouth closed.

“Sea water is relatively safe in terms of pathogens of intestinal infections, it is salty, there is good water exchange. But you have to look around to see if there are any household or industrial drains nearby,”

- says doctor expert of Rospotrebnadzor Mikhail Lebedev.

"Vitamins" in plastic

Here you are lying on the beach, and merchants scurrying past with various trifles: souvenirs and snacks. You probably won't want to buy a shell necklace or a dried starfish. But an assortment of fresh fruits and berries in a plastic glass in the heat can seem tempting. Tasty, healthy, and worth a penny.



What's wrong? A merchant can walk with a fruit stand in the heat almost all day. After all, no one knows when he took the berries and how long he has been walking along the beach. This means that the buyer runs the risk of getting a vitamin mix "with a smell" and, ultimately, to earn indigestion.

Secondly, it is not known whether the berries and fruits were washed before packing or not. And how clean were the hands of the packer himself? From poorly washed fruits, vegetables or berries, you can earn a lush bouquet of diseases: from rotavirus and enterovirus infections to worms.

The way out is to refrain from eating beach mixes and be patient to the cafe, where there is at least some guarantee that they are looking after the cleanliness. The second option is to buy fruits in a store or market, wash them and bring them to the beach with you.

Try it, it's free

A similar story, but from a slightly different angle. It can be difficult to say a firm "no thanks" when someone offers you something for free. For example, food or drinks during a street or market tasting. Some tourists even make it a tradition, go to local fairs and try everything the merchants have to offer: from wine and cheese to exotic dishes.

What's wrong? Perhaps you will be lucky and the gastromarathon will pass without unpleasant consequences. But it's better not to risk it. Because any street tasting is a lottery with the main prize in the form of intestinal infections and viral diseases.

Swimsuit in a towel

You swam in the sea, took a shower on the beach, changed your clothes there and decided to walk around the city, have a snack, and then return and swim again. What to do with a swimsuit? Wrap it in a dry towel and throw it into a backpack or bag. The plan is perfect: while walking in the heat, the swimsuit will dry up and you can wear it when you return to the beach.

What's wrong? First, the swimsuit will still be wet by the time you return to the beach. And secondly, and this is the most important thing, you cannot put on a dried, but not washed swimsuit. The damp cloth is a kind of greenhouse for bacteria to multiply. Upon contact with the body, the army of organisms settled on the swimsuit will certainly migrate to the skin. The consequences can be different: from thrush to cystitis.

“After swimming, take off your wet swimsuit and replace it with a dry one - I strongly recommend everyone to take at least two bathing sets with you to the beach,”

- says urologist Vitaly Kuchersky.

The pills are always with you

The habit of carrying everything with you at once in case it suddenly comes in handy is good, but not always. For example, many people do not forget to take pills to the beach. Let's say, from headaches or indigestion. You can't do that.

What's wrong? Even if the bag is in the shade, the package of pills will have time to heat up. And since most drugs are designed to be stored at room temperature, in the heat, the tablets either simply lose their properties or become toxic and hazardous to health.

Ice foam against the heat

Cold beer or ice cocktail with strong alcohol are frequent guests on the beaches. You drink a glass or two of foam, and it is as if you were reborn. And in the late afternoon, you don't feel very well and blame the malaise on the heat, unusual humidity or a change in time zones.



What's wrong? Alcohol contributes to dehydration, drinking it in the heat is a big risk.

“And so the body suffers, and so the water leaves the cell - on the contrary, you need to replenish the fluid deficit. And here is additional drying. This is a very high risk of heatstroke, sunstroke, or exacerbation of some serious illness, if any,”

- says pulmonologist Alexander Averyanov.

Water only from the refrigerator

A common thing for many: take ice water from the refrigerator in the store and go with it to the beach or promenade around the city. It would seem that a cold bottle in the heat can bring nothing but benefit. This is not true.

What's wrong? Ice water only gives the illusion of cooling. In fact, it works the same way as warm, but it puts your health at risk.

“Don't drink cold drinks. In the heat, the immune system is weakened, so the risk of getting sore throat and acute respiratory infections increases,”

- explains the candidate of medical sciences Tatyana Shastina.

It is best to use room temperature water or cooled green tea to safely quench your thirst.

After all, everything is paid

Most hotels offer buffet meals - eat whatever you like. In this situation, it can be difficult to curb your desires and not gorge yourself like the last time in your life with fried meat, french fries and other tasty, but unhealthy dishes. Including during the day, when the sun is especially active.



What's wrong? If you eat a lot of sweet, fatty and spicy foods, you are guaranteed to experience a feeling of heaviness in the stomach, fatigue and drowsiness.

“The most harmful in the heat are sweet and pungent foods. They increase perspiration, and from you, and so it pours in three streams. The healthiest ones are rich in fiber and protein. For example, a chicken breast salad with crispy lettuce leaves is an ideal dish for the heat."

- says nutritionist Svetlana Berezhnaya.

In general, in order to put your health at risk, it is not necessary to go to a hot abroad. This can be done at home - it is enough to wash in your own apartment incorrectly.

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