Nutritionist Explained How You Can Define Obesity

Nutritionist Explained How You Can Define Obesity
Nutritionist Explained How You Can Define Obesity

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Overweight of 3-5 kilograms is not a threat to health, but high values ​​may already indicate a disease.

A person can try to independently determine the presence or absence of obesity, using a special method for this. Lyudmila Denisenko, a member of the Russian National Society of Nutritionists, spoke about this.

The doctor pointed out that the excess volume of the abdomen, measured at the level of the navel, can serve as evidence of the disease. For women, it should not exceed 80 centimeters, and for men - 94 centimeters.

Also, a skin fold protruding from the girth with two fingers, located under the scapula, can also talk about obesity.

Bioimpedansometry can show more reliable results - the use of a device to measure body composition, including the amount of fat.

The specialist noted that the extra 3-5 kilograms are not a threat to health and can only be problematic from the aesthetic side. It is possible to reset them without medical assistance - due to sports and proper nutrition.

Greater excess weight is already becoming a problem that requires the intervention of a doctor who will help in identifying the cause of the weight gain and determining further action. Denisenko stressed that it can be extremely difficult to do this on your own, since it requires taking into account numerous indicators.

“The doctor will help to find out what deficiencies led to weight gain,” Izvestia quotes her.

The nutritionist added that a deficiency of certain vitamins, sex and other hormones, as well as substances necessary for the body, such as iodine, are common causes of excess weight.

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