Deprivation Syndrome

Deprivation Syndrome
Deprivation Syndrome

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A long break in intimacy - does he threaten a woman with something or not?


Hello! I have not had sex for three months. It's unhealthy? It seems to me that such prolonged abstinence affects everything in my life.

Natasha, Moscow region

Sexologist Irina Mashnaya answers:

- What exactly is wrong with abstinence from sex for women after an intimate life has already begun? A few months without sex will not affect you. Well, maybe the mood. But when there is no sex for more than a year, women suffer primarily from mental health. But often they have a widespread voluntary refusal to have sex - for example, if there is no permanent partner, and they do not want to sleep with “just anyone”. For men, this problem is often solved in a simple way: if there is no beloved woman, he goes to the unloved one. Therefore, in the stronger sex, abstinence is most often forced - for example, during military service.

Indeed, a woman can live a long life without a relationship with a man. And when the opportunity is given, it is difficult for her to "enter". And often she is unable to enjoy herself for a long time.

Psychologists and sexologists are sure that abstinence for more than a year is a serious stress for the body. It is important to know that the body, after such a break in sexual life, sometimes may not recover. After all, an intimate relationship with a woman is also a psychological release.

There is an exit. You need to learn, during periods of life when you do not have a man, to arrange for yourself a sexual release on your own. Self-satisfaction is not a vice, but a path to a healthy life for a woman who simply does not have a partner at this time. In addition, it relieves blood stagnation in the pelvic organs. In order not to doubt and not be embarrassed, it is important first of all to understand that intimate relationships are a natural need for a healthy organism, inherent in it by nature itself.


How to recognize?

Aggression, irritability, frequent mood swings, increased interest in deviations - these are the psychological consequences of women who “starve” without sex.

Passionate natures, against the background of a long absence of sexual relations, may have a tendency to nymphomania or simply to promiscuous sexual intercourse, which, at the same time, may still not satisfy her.

Prepared by Inna Belova

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