Prostatitis Will Go Away: Just 4 Exercises That Will Change Everything. Physiotherapy

Prostatitis Will Go Away: Just 4 Exercises That Will Change Everything. Physiotherapy
Prostatitis Will Go Away: Just 4 Exercises That Will Change Everything. Physiotherapy

Video: Prostatitis Will Go Away: Just 4 Exercises That Will Change Everything. Physiotherapy

Video: Prostatitis Will Go Away: Just 4 Exercises That Will Change Everything. Physiotherapy
Video: Diet and Exercise: Living With Prostate Cancer 2023, March

Prostate health is a very important issue to talk about. 90% of men around the world experience problems with the prostate and related diseases. The most common problem is prostatitis.


Up to 50% of men face prostatitis. And if prostate enlargement and prostate cancer are problems of older people, then prostatitis affects men of all ages, especially from 20 to 40 years old. Therefore, today we decided to talk about the prevention of prostatitis and its home treatment.

We share with you the most effective exercises to help prevent and treat prostatitis.

Exercise for prostatitis

Before moving on to exercise, let's talk about the main causes of prostatitis. Bacterial prostatitis is most commonly caused by a bacterial infection. In most cases, bacteria from the urine will enter the prostate and cause an infection. In chronic bacterial prostatitis, bacteria infect the prostate gland, which leads to re-infection of the urinary tract.

There is another form of prostatitis - chronic, the least studied of all. This form of prostatitis is characterized by pelvic pain and other symptoms of prostatitis, but bacteria are not the cause. The causes of chronic prostatitis are different: infection of the prostate gland, surgery, or spasm of the pelvic floor muscles.

Research in men's health has shown that there are a number of factors that potentially increase the risk of developing prostatitis. The most common factors are stress, smoking, alcohol consumption, inadequate fluid intake, unhealthy diet, excessive sexual activity, delayed ejaculation, and a number of other reasons.

It has also been shown that sedentary work and excessive caffeine consumption can cause severe pain in prostatitis. That is why in order to prevent diseases of the prostate gland, in particular prostatitis, you need to lead a healthy lifestyle, give up bad habits and move more.

In addition, exercise can help prevent the development of chronic prostatitis. We offer you a set of exercises from Dr. Pavel Evdokimenko, which were developed specifically for the prevention and treatment of chronic prostatitis.

Just remember that the complex works most effectively with the treatment prescribed by the doctor. This is too serious a problem, you do not need to self-medicate.

Now let's move on to a set of exercises. When doing gymnastics, do all the movements very slowly and smoothly, no jerks or sudden movements. If pain or discomfort occurs after exercising, it is best to stop.


Exercise 1

The exercise is performed while lying down. Best of all on the floor or on a hard sofa, be sure to place a pillow under your head. This exercise may seem very simple, but it must be done correctly, then it will also be very effective.

So, lie flat on the floor, align your arms along the body and relax. Slowly pull your legs towards you, spreading your knees to the sides. Keep your heels together and spread your knees as wide as possible. Pull your legs as high as possible, and then return to the starting position. You need to do at least 10 reps, but 15 is better.

Exercise 2

Stay in the same lying position, just bend your knees. From this position, start spreading your knees apart as wide as possible. When performing, there should be no discomfort, open your legs to the maximum possible point, but do not overdo it. It is important to strain the groin area during execution, then the exercise will have the best effect. Do 10-15 reps.

Exercise # 3

Now roll over onto your stomach, lie flat, arms along your body. Bend one leg at the knee and gently lift it, then lower it. Don't raise your leg too high. Then repeat on the other leg. Do 6 reps for each leg.

Exercise 4

Now lie on your back again. Bend your knees and lift your pelvis up. The head and shoulder blades must remain on the ground. Do 10-15 reps.

All of these exercises can be done for prostatitis. They help relieve pain in chronic prostatitis and even work well for bacterial disease, just in the second case they need to be combined with a course of antibiotics. Exercise can be used for both treatment and prevention. They are good for preventing disease and strengthening the pelvic floor muscles.

So we recommend doing them regardless of your health condition. They will not be superfluous even for healthy men. So get down to business and stay healthy for years!

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