Is It Possible To Eat At Night, And What Foods Will Bring The Least Harm To The Figure

Is It Possible To Eat At Night, And What Foods Will Bring The Least Harm To The Figure
Is It Possible To Eat At Night, And What Foods Will Bring The Least Harm To The Figure

Video: Is It Possible To Eat At Night, And What Foods Will Bring The Least Harm To The Figure

Video: Is It Possible To Eat At Night, And What Foods Will Bring The Least Harm To The Figure
Video: 9 Foods You Can Eat at Night Without Gaining Weight 2023, March

Often in the daily hustle and bustle we do not have time to eat at all. Most people are convinced that it is impossible to have supper after six, and in the evening, coming home hungry, they involuntarily think: to have supper at night or to get by? This is especially true for girls who dream of a slim figure, but sometimes cannot give up their favorite food at night. The editorial staff of asked the experts what products should be chosen for a late dinner so as not to gain excess weight.

It's better to abstain from food at night, and here's why

Natalya Zubareva Therapist, doctor of preventive and anti-aging medicine, practicing physician, author of a series of bestsellers, scientific editor of foreign literature

You should not eat even the most dietary asparagus at night, even low-fat cottage cheese, and if in the late evening / night you are overcome by the desire to chew something, you should know that you need to urgently find out and eliminate the cause of this condition.

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Why can't you eat at night? Imagine you work in an office from 9 to 18. The arrow is approaching the coveted figure, you are already going home, and then at five minutes to six the office door opens and a pile of documents is thrown onto your desk. Will you do? If this is a one-time action on the part of the management - one thing, but if this happens regularly, with a high degree of probability, you will not want to work in this mode, or simply physically will not be able to. If only because you need to rest. It is the same with the human body: nature has wisely programmed it for a mode of operation in which all needs are taken into account. Work around the clock, but planned, taking into account the need for recovery. At night, the body rests and accumulates strength, hormones are actively synthesized, which stimulate the growth, reproduction and regeneration of cells, even the brain works, but the gastrointestinal tract is resting. If you ask him to work after hours, many processes will be disrupted: from metabolism and digestion to the production of the same hormones. And extra pounds are perhaps the lesser of evils that you can gain for yourself, because against the background of hormonal disorders, a wide variety of pathologies develop - cardiovascular, reproductive, autoimmune, etc.


The main reasons for the "night dojora"

They can be different. Perhaps this is the overall low calorie intake of the daily diet. Here, a big hello to lovers, there are 1200, 900 and even (oh, horror) 600 kcal per day. Please don't do this! This also includes unbalanced nutrition, when the body simply lacks proteins or the right fats in the diet. Increased appetite can cause increased physical or mental stress, stress. There is nothing seditious in the fact that one-time "bite" not passed an exam at a driving school, but if day after day your feet carry you to the refrigerator at night, dig deeper. What is happening in your life that you are trying to calm yourself down with food? By the way, it often turns out that there is no tension either, this is a common unhealthy habit that has been developed over the years. It is not easy to deal with this, but it is possible.

But the reasons can be directly related to health. For example, a violation of the processes of assimilation of food, when you eat enough, but the body receives little useful nutrients and lets you know about it in the most accessible way: feeling of hunger. This is how hormonal disruptions can manifest themselves: in particular, a violation of the synthesis of the hormone of satiety leptin (when you simply cannot eat) and the hormone of appetite ghrelin (you want something tasty), hyperthyroidism (here, wolfish appetite often coexists with a sharp decrease in body weight, but this is not a reason for joy), insulin resistance (insulin stimulates appetite), etc. Under no circumstances should such signals be passed through. And finally, briefly about the only product that is still possible. Do you want to eat? Drink some water, because often we do not take a daily fluid intake, and then we confuse thirst with hunger.

What food should you pay attention to if you could not avoid the night "dojora"

Firstly, let's make a reservation right away, it is better to eat 2-3 hours before bedtime, so that the process of active digestion is over, and the feeling of hunger does not come again. Secondly, the ideal dinner without harm to the figure is light proteins combined with vegetables.

Ekaterina Eremina Physician, nutritionist, Austrian health center VerbMayr

Turkey or chicken meat

Better if it is steamed, boiled or baked. Poultry is low in fat, and also high in the amino acid tryptophan, a precursor to serotonin, from which the sleep hormone melatonin is synthesized. Thus, eating these products for dinner, we can provide ourselves with a healthy sleep.

A fish

We choose low-fat varieties of sea or river fish: cod, haddock, halibut, pike perch, sea bass. The energy value of the meat of these types of fish does not exceed 100 kcal per 100 grams of product. They usually take no more than 3 hours to digest, plus they are rich in calcium, phosphorus, iodine and fluoride.



It is worth paying attention to less fatty representatives, for example, squid. Squid meat is rich in amino acids: methionine, tyrosine and tryptophan, which we mentioned above, as well as vitamins PP, B6 and minerals - selenium and iodine.

Egg white (especially guinea fowl eggs)

This product, familiar to breakfast, is also an excellent choice for dinner. Egg white is easy to digest, but please note that it can be introduced into the diet only if there is no allergy or intolerance. An excellent dish for an evening meal can be a protein omelet with vegetables.

Margarita Budassi Fitness testing specialist, nutritionist, therapist of the X-Fit fitness club in Russia

Rabbit meat, beef

You can eat them even in the evening, but boiled or make steam cutlets (only minced meat and an egg). Add a cup of stewed vegetables for better digestion.

Fresh and activated nuts

The healthiest nuts - those that have been prepared beforehand - are activated. To do this, they need to be left in water for several hours, then dried. This treatment helps to reduce the amount of phytic acid, which reduces the absorption of magnesium, calcium and other trace elements.

What foods are best to avoid before bed


Some vegetables cause increased gas formation, so it is necessary to abandon legumes, eggplant, artichoke, cauliflower and white cabbage, broccoli, and it is important to peel tomatoes. Onions and garlic should also not be consumed in the evening, as they can irritate the mucous membrane of the gastrointestinal tract. Also avoid sweets at night, even in small amounts. They raise blood sugar levels and, as a result, energy levels, which then quickly drop, which adversely affects sleep.

Forget about foods with a high glycemic index, which include fruits, breads, cereals, pasta, starchy vegetables (potatoes, beets, pumpkin). Cottage cheese, kefir or cheese eaten at night will lead to swelling and fat gain.

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