Myths And Truths About The Benefits Of Fasting Days: The Opinion Of A Nutritionist

Myths And Truths About The Benefits Of Fasting Days: The Opinion Of A Nutritionist
Myths And Truths About The Benefits Of Fasting Days: The Opinion Of A Nutritionist

Video: Myths And Truths About The Benefits Of Fasting Days: The Opinion Of A Nutritionist

Video: Myths And Truths About The Benefits Of Fasting Days: The Opinion Of A Nutritionist
Video: Intermittent Fasting - Fact or Fiction? What the Science Actually Says 2023, April

After a week-long marathon of tasting sets of Olivier, sausage, cakes and sparkling drinks, many people lack the ease of eating. The editorial staff of, together with an endocrinologist, figured out why sitting on buckwheat, kefir or herbal tea is not the best idea and how to make a menu if the body asks for lightness.

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Natalia Zubareva endocrinologist

Detox and fasting days are dangerous to health

Oxygenation of the body: what it is and how to improve it

After the festive feasts, there certainly comes a moment when heavy fatty and sweet food simply "does not fit". Of course, the gastrointestinal tract, exhausted by working in an emergency mode, while you are resting, eating and drinking and having fun all the time, needs help. Then the thought arises: "Maybe arrange a detox or fasting day?" We advise you to beware of all sorts of "detox", which promise cleansing of toxins and toxins, almost instant weight loss, and the like. A couple of kilograms may go away, but soon he will return … and bring his “friends” with him - complications for his health.

Firstly, no manipulations can be performed if you have gastrointestinal disorders. For example, irritable bowel syndrome, which occurs in almost every fifth in the world. Secondly, heavy physical or emotional stress is a strict contraindication. And who of us today is not under the stress of the ongoing pandemic? There are few of them. By the way, if you have already been ill, but recovered, then you also do not need to "cleanse" and limit yourself only to juice, kefir or buckwheat - a weakened body simply does not have the strength for such bullying. In addition, if a person's kidneys, liver, lungs, intestines and skin function normally, they remove all unwanted substances on their own, without any detoxification. The main thing is to stop the feast of the stomach in time. If there are problems, then perceive yourself as a potential patient who can only be prescribed a special diet or medical fasting by a doctor.

How to arrange a reboot

If you want to "reboot" the body, then 12 hours without eating is sufficient. For more without breakdowns, your body is unlikely to be enough, and why? Do not forget to drink at the same time - not tea, coffee or juice, but just plain clean water.

I do not recommend adding honey and lemon to it - there is no need for excess sugar, and citric acid can irritate the delicate walls of the intestines, - noted Natalia Zubareva.

You should also be careful with herbal teas - they can cause unwanted reactions, harm the kidneys and the body as a whole. Herbal detox for pregnant women is especially dangerous. After fasting, we go out to the usual non-New Year's diet.

Which products to choose and which ones to refuse

So, we found out that all sorts of detoxes are not suitable for unloading. And what fits? We suggest that you initially follow simple rules that will help the body feel lightness, and at the same time you remain well-fed and satisfied.

Give up "junk" food: fast food, soda, convenience foods, sausages, snacks and the like, mayonnaise, ketchup and other store sauces - let them remain on store shelves. Smoked meats and pickled vegetables down. But homemade pickles, sauerkraut are very useful for the intestines, so they can be left on the menu in limited quantities. Forget about kebabs, boiled pork and chicken with a crispy baked crust - this is very harmful. The end products of glycation, that is, that very baked crust, is one of the main factors of aging. An excess of fast carbohydrates and fats also leads to health problems, so we limit them too.

And what about the fasting days?

There is not a single product that would provide us with at least a daily need for micro- and macroelements, so we will not recommend any one for a fasting day. Let's take a look at popular examples. - Apples: during the day, your body will receive only carbohydrates and fructose. - Kefir: what if you have an intolerance to dairy / fermented milk products and you will drink two liters of drink a day? - Juices: if these are packaged juices and nectars, then you will receive only a shock dose of sugar and dyes, if fresh fruit acids can impair the functioning of the digestive tract. - Cereals: the same buckwheat, when consumed in large quantities, can cause an allergic reaction or constipation in people who are prone to this. Well, where is the ease here?

Therefore, you need to eat in a balanced way, pay attention not only to the composition, but also to the method of cooking, and then no torture with detox will be needed.

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