8 Most Effective Exercises For A Beautiful Butt

8 Most Effective Exercises For A Beautiful Butt
8 Most Effective Exercises For A Beautiful Butt

Video: 8 Most Effective Exercises For A Beautiful Butt

Video: 8 Exercises to Get Your BOOTY PUMPED ūüĒ• Intense Peachy Bum Workout | With Warm Up and Activation 2022, December

Elastic and toned hips are every woman's dream. A set of 8 exercises will take you 20 minutes a day and will completely transform your figure. Get started today!


We asked Natalya Radovenchik, trainer of the group programs direction of the federal network of fitness clubs X-Fit, to show the most effective exercises for the hips and buttocks.

1. Back lunges with alternation.

Starting position: legs together, back straight, arms with dumbbells along the body. Lunge back, bend your knees, try to keep your torso straight. Return to the starting position and repeat the exercise on the other leg. 15 reps per leg.

2. Squats.

Starting position: feet shoulder-width apart, arms with dumbbells along the body. Lower yourself into a half squat with your thighs parallel to the floor. Support the weight with your heels, chest down, back straight. Return to the starting position, tensing your buttocks as much as possible. 20 repetitions.

3. Squats on one leg.

Stand on your left foot, keep your hands in front of you, try to maintain balance. Sit down on your left leg, at the same time bend your right leg at the knee and take it back. Move your arms to the left (to the "10 o'clock" position). Return to starting position. Continue squats, each time moving your arms further and further to the left (at 11, 12 o'clock, 1 o'clock and 2 o'clock). Change your legs. 5 repetitions from each leg.

4. Plie squats.

Starting position: legs wide apart, arms together in front of you. Sit down with your hands between your knees. Straighten up, straining your buttocks. 20 repetitions.

5. Jumping

Stand straight with one foot in front of the other. Jump as high as possible and switch legs. Land softly and repeat on the other leg. 20 repetitions.

6. Bends on one leg

Starting position - feet at the width of the pelvis, straight arms along the body. Lean down, parallel to the floor. Lift your right leg back. Straighten up while simultaneously swinging the raised leg forward. Perform on the other leg. 15 reps per leg.

7. Forward bends

Place your feet hip-width apart, bend your knees slightly and bend forward. Keep your back straight, pressing your shoulder blades against your spine. Straighten up and repeat the exercise. 20 repetitions.

8. Swing back

Get on all fours, lower your elbows to the floor, and tighten your stomach. In this position, the pelvis is slightly above the shoulders. Lift your right leg up while holding the dumbbell with your hip. Make sure that the lower back and back do not bend - the body must remain level. 15 reps per leg.

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