Doctors Told What The Morning Drinking Of Water With Lemon Will Lead To

Doctors Told What The Morning Drinking Of Water With Lemon Will Lead To
Doctors Told What The Morning Drinking Of Water With Lemon Will Lead To

Video: Doctors Told What The Morning Drinking Of Water With Lemon Will Lead To

Video: Doctors Told What The Morning Drinking Of Water With Lemon Will Lead To
Video: What Happens to Your Body When You Drink Lemon Water 2023, March

Fitness experts advise you to start your day with a glass of lemon water. Is it so? Or is this technique not suitable for everyone? How to start your day to feel energized? We understand together with the experts of "Word and Deed".


Drinking water immediately after waking up is really the right start to the day. By the time of awakening, the viscosity of the blood becomes maximum and seriously complicates the work of the cardiovascular system. Therefore, drinking clean water at room temperature immediately after waking up is possible and even necessary, especially for people after 40. The fitness guru does not lie here. Bodybuilding coach and nutritionist Stanislav Mikhailovsky is sure of this.

According to the speaker, there is no research confirming the effectiveness of using lemon for weight loss. And this drink is not suitable for everyone.

“Lemon is really rich in vitamin C, but in the most common rose hips it is almost 40 times more. In addition, citric acid can irritate the stomach lining, so lemon water should not be drunk by people with digestive problems. And although lemon does not in any way affect the acceleration of weight loss, it has two significant benefits for improving health: a) regular consumption of lemon or lemon juice reduces the risk of kidney stones and b) the use of lemon alkalizes the body and minimizes the likelihood of gout,”explained expert.

If there are no stomach problems, drinking water with lemon on an empty stomach is quite possible, and in some cases it is even necessary for prevention. Such a drink will give vigor and energize for the whole morning, but it will not help to lose weight, alas.

During the day and night, our body is dehydrated: at least three liters of water, the human body loses during the day through breathing, sweat, and other natural processes. In the morning it is necessary to replenish these expenses, otherwise health problems may begin - a decrease in immunity, gastrointestinal diseases, joint pain, problems with blood vessels, adds Oleg Volkov, cardiologist and medical director of Angioline.

“After waking up, you should give preference to warm water - it helps to activate the internal organs. In terms of its effect on the body, this action is no less important than brushing your teeth. Water flushes the gastrointestinal tract, activates and prepares it for work after a long sleep break. In the late evening, on the contrary, it is better to limit yourself to drinking fluids. This is especially true for people with kidney and heart disease. Is it possible to add a couple of lemon slices to the water. Citrus contains many vitamins such as A, B, C, D3, Zn, Mg. I would like to draw attention to the drink from the point of view of protecting the cardiovascular system: water with lemon can help people suffering from diseases of the cardiovascular system."

The fact is that the regular use of water with lemon juice helps to cleanse the arteries and blood vessels. This reduces the risk of developing and developing heart disease. By helping to cleanse blood vessels and arteries, lemon water has a beneficial effect on the blood. This property is actively used in medicine in the treatment of a number of diseases such as cholera or malaria.

Lemon water also makes blood vessels more flexible and lowers blood pressure and cholesterol levels. Moreover, it has been scientifically proven that citrus improves mood, has a beneficial effect on the nervous system. All this proves that the union of warm water and lemon is essential for the mental and physical health of a person.

However, endocrinologist and Project V expert Tatyana Garanina warns Russians that lemon water should not be drunk by those who have stomach and intestinal problems, stomach or duodenal ulcer, stomach erosion, ulcerative colitis.

“Also contraindicated for citrus allergies. Excessive consumption of this drink can ruin tooth enamel - rinse your mouth or brush your teeth after lemon water. Be healthy and cheerful,”the speaker explained.

Warm lemon water, drunk an hour before breakfast, prepares the gastrointestinal tract for eating, helps to start metabolism. Moreover, the drink increases the body's defenses, strengthens the immune system, has anti-inflammatory and antipyretic properties. However, regular consumption of lemon water on an empty stomach has a number of contraindications.

“Special care should be taken for people with high acidity, gastritis and a tendency to allergies. Water with freshly squeezed lemon juice can exacerbate chronic gastrointestinal diseases and heartburn,”added Roman Pristanskiy, nutritionist and author of more than 100 nutritional seminars.

There have been cases of a decrease in pressure, therefore, those suffering from hypotension should also be more careful and, at the first symptoms of malaise, refuse to drink water with lemon.

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