Psychological Traps That Make Us Fat

Psychological Traps That Make Us Fat
Psychological Traps That Make Us Fat

Video: Psychological Traps That Make Us Fat

Video: Psychological Traps That Make Us Fat
Video: Can our THOUGHTS make us gain weight? // food psychology (Day 17) 2023, April

Excess weight is a problem of a modern person. To lose weight, we go to different tricks - we go hungry, we diet, we run. But over time, the weight returns again. Why? It turns out that not only food is “to blame” for this.

"We eat to live"

Unfortunately, in the modern world the opposite statement is valid: “We live to eat”. If you think about it, now we do not need to run through the forest in search of food, we do not need to waste calories on our own heating, and the living conditions are now radically different even from those that were even 100 years ago. Today, almost every fifth inhabitant of the earth suffers from excess weight, while the main percentage of obese people are in the developed countries of the world. It turns out that we get fat from a good life. Asya Kazantseva's book “How the brain makes us do stupid things” describes in detail those psychological traps that lead to weight gain.


The laws detailed by Charles Darwin do not work in a society where peace and prosperity reign. If earlier, for survival, our ancestors needed to provide themselves and their families with the maximum amount of food, now there is enough food. And if in the old days excess weight was the key to survival in times of famine, now nature has not yet created a mechanism for losing excess weight. Natural memory also makes us break down after a tough diet - what if it's hungry days.

The structure of our brain

Small - only 2% of the total body weight - our brain is the main consumer of energy. For its needs, up to 20% of the glucose and oxygen circulating in the blood are used. This cunning body is convinced that the more you eat, the better. Thick thighs don't interest him. Even if you are hungry, the brain will still convince you to eat that tasty treat. And he will surely find an argument - just one, there are so many vitamins, this is necessary for good health. Indeed, in response, the brain gives a command to synthesize the hormones of happiness.


Hereditary mutations in genes sometimes lead to excess secretion of the hormone ghrelin, which is responsible for appetite. So talk about "wide bone" is not an excuse at all. Also, scientists have identified one feature. If the mother does not receive enough carbohydrates during pregnancy, then the child may have problems with weight during adolescence. Nature, as it were, is trying to make up for lost time.

Lack of sleep

Chronic sleep deprivation affects us in two ways. On the one hand, the production of the appetite hormone increases. On the other hand, we do not have enough strength to go in for active sports and burn extra calories.

Obesity virus

Scientists have recently isolated the Ad-36 virus. The effect of the virus is due to the degeneration of cells into fat cells. So, antibodies to it, which appear in the body after an infection, are found in 30% of obese people.

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