Broad Bone, Hormones And Other Excuses For Ever-losing Weight Women

Broad Bone, Hormones And Other Excuses For Ever-losing Weight Women
Broad Bone, Hormones And Other Excuses For Ever-losing Weight Women

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Often, those who really want to lose weight, but do nothing for this, find quite logical excuses for their inaction. What are these excuses? Read in our material, perhaps you will recognize yourself.

Surely each of you has friends who have been very, very eager to lose weight for 20 years. For all new diets and calls to try to lose the excess (and this is said from morning to night!), They always have a number of routine excuses. Often they enthusiastically get down to business, but after 3-5 days they give up trying, getting the cherished argument out of the deck. Let's figure out which one. Perhaps you will recognize not only your girlfriends, but also yourself.

I don't have time for this! Now the grandmother needs to be taken to the clinic, then you need to help the mother in the country in the garden beds, then the son just went to kindergarten, and then the school, and three jobs have not gone anywhere! And not a minute, not a second free to go to the doctor (only if it’s completely twisted, and then it will stand to the last), to eat not on the go, but at the table, to sign up for a massage or to afford other, at least some pleasures … And so for twenty years in a row … Eating right is very expensive! Today bloggers are trumpeting the benefits of avocados, chia seeds, exotic smoothies and other superfoods. Therefore, many may get the impression that proper nutrition is a very expensive endeavor! Avocados and quinoa are not worth three kopecks, but many adherents of a healthy lifestyle actively show them in their stories, assuring that without these products you will not see health and a good figure! All this is absolutely not true! Eating right is not the same as eating exotic foods. Choosing whole foods - a piece of meat or poultry, simple fish, cereals, fruits and vegetables - will be much cheaper and, most importantly, healthier! Calculate how much money is spent on sausages, sausages, cookies with an incomprehensible composition (and it's not difficult to make cookies at home - you can find many good recipes!) - this amount will be much higher than what you spend on good products. By the way, our traditional sauerkraut is a superfood just as good as an avocado. Calculate how much it will cost you per season - be surprised.

I have genetics! Another favorite excuse of those who constantly talk about how difficult it is for him to lose weight and why this has not happened for 20 years. Say, both mom and grandmother were fat, here I am, nothing can be done about it. There is also something to object to this. The fact is that obesity is not inherited at the genetic level, which has been proven through long-term studies on twins. They were separated and placed in foster homes, and then their BMI and eating habits were studied. So, where the adoptive parents suffered from excess weight, the adopted child also most often became obese, and those children who grew up in families of parents with a healthy weight did not have problems with excess pounds. Recall that twins have the same genotype, and this experiment proves that it is not so much about genetics as about the lifestyle and nutrition that parents pass on to their children. Do you want to lose weight? Change your lifestyle, genetics is in last place here! By the way, almost here can be attributed to the excuse about "wide bone". Of course, we have different body types, but if you carry 20 extra pounds, it has nothing to do with the width of the bone! Hormones are jumping! This is a favorite excuse for those who constantly try some kind of diet - preferably the most severe, then they are followed by a breakdown (which is natural) and rapid weight gain.Or a person is not aware of the amount eaten per day, assuring himself and others that he feeds on the holy spirit. Hormonal obesity among the total number of overweight people is really a negligible percentage, most often obesity is primary - at first, overweight, then there were problems with the endocrine system. In any case, go to the clinic, get tested, you will learn a lot of interesting things.

I'm already 40! Of course, when a woman crosses the threshold of 40 years, natural changes begin to occur in her body. Climax, as they say, is on the doorstep. Basal metabolism decreases and the calorie content of the diet needs to be slightly reduced. However, you can help yourself by adding 2-3 light weight strength training to your weekly schedule, which will maintain muscle mass and strengthen the skeletal system. Of course, nutrition also needs to be reviewed, as well as to visit a gynecologist - modern hormone replacement therapy can work wonders. In addition, we suggest that you look around and notice how many women aged 40+ look great today, play sports for their pleasure and can give odds to young girls. Just find finally worthwhile motivation for losing weight, and leave excuses in the past!

Natalya Filippova, a consultant for weight correction and eating psychology, an educational psychologist, understood the issue

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