Sleep, My Joy, Sleep! Why Are We Catastrophically Sleep Deprived And How To Change It

Sleep, My Joy, Sleep! Why Are We Catastrophically Sleep Deprived And How To Change It
Sleep, My Joy, Sleep! Why Are We Catastrophically Sleep Deprived And How To Change It

Video: Sleep, My Joy, Sleep! Why Are We Catastrophically Sleep Deprived And How To Change It

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According to statistics, Internet traffic at night has increased from 11 to 40% over the past month, which allows us to say with confidence: many have started having trouble sleeping. What are the consequences of midnight chatting with friends and watching TV shows? We suggest you figure it out.

Anyone who has ever met insomnia knows for sure how after several nights or weeks of lack of sleep, the quality of life decreases. Concentration decreases even on the most important matters, memory begins to suffer, you don't want to do what you love, cravings for food and sweets increase. This is just a small list of what awaits a person who for some time neglected one of the most important, vital needs - quality and long sleep! Add to this chronic stress, depression, decreased libido, hormonal imbalances, diabetes mellitus and much, much more.

The thing is that at night in the body there is a mass of invisible, but extremely important for our healthy functioning processes. First, quality sleep has a good effect on the brain - after 7-8 hours of rest, it manages to cleanse the toxins accumulated during the day with the help of cerebrospinal fluid. If you slept extremely poorly and little, this process is inhibited, and the brain begins to work worse. Experts even claim that chronic lack of sleep and insomnia is a direct path to dementia. Second, during the night, the brain begins to produce a range of essential hormones and neurotransmitters. It is at night that melatonin is produced - it is responsible for circadian rhythms, harmonizes the thyroid gland, hormones and strengthens the immune system. Growth hormone is also released in a dream, and this is our beauty and youth! Male and female sex hormones are also maximally produced during sleep. If you want to earn reduced potency (for men) or irregularities (for women), sleep as little as possible. Yes, healthy sex and the reproductive system depend on our sleep too! And yet, for those who do not understand why he is gaining weight? If you sleep poorly and a little at night, the production of the satiety hormone leptin decreases - as a result, you do not feel satiety and overeat, and the hunger hormone, on the contrary, increases! The stress hormone cortisol is also connected here, and, as they say, off we go!

In self-isolation mode, for many, the time and quality of sleep has suffered greatly. Instead of lying down to rest, we start watching TV shows (they seem to run away from us), finish work (as we spent time irrationally during the day or slept until 12), chat with friends over a glass of wine (as if it’s impossible to schedule this for more early time). Parents do not sleep, their children do not sleep, playing computer games … The result is an increased level of anxiety and stress in the family. What to do? Of course, improve your sleep patterns. How?

Sleep doctors are sure that you need to prepare for bed as for the best date. Nice, isn't it? it is best to go to bed before 23 o'clock, and get up no later than 7 in the morning. This is the most harmonious mode a few hours before bedtime, minimize the use of gadgets - the screen light does not let the brain calm down; ventilate the bedroom well; curtain the windows (it is better to use curtains with a black-out effect), and also put on a thick mask over your eyes if ambient sounds disturb you (husband's snoring, noise outside the windows or animals), use earplugs do not gorge on before going to bed, and include tryptophan-rich foods in the menu for dinner, for example, come up with a turkey before bedtime that will relax you as much as possible - a bath with salt, a contrast shower, meditation, yoga, sex, breathing practices exclude intense workouts in the afternoon keep a gratitude diary - before going to bed, write down all the amazing things that happened to you during the day - it relaxes and brings joy to life sleep on body-pleasant underwear you can take melatonin preparations or precursors before bedtime serotonin - these supplements can help you get the rhythms you want.The main thing is to consult with your doctor or nutritionist, they will help you choose the right dosage and form, make up the daily regimen and try to adhere to it

You will probably need time to adjust to a new rhythm, but it will be worth it. Remember, there is nothing that cannot be done during the day - both work, and everyday life, and communication with the child - everything can be done if you get high quality and full sleep! Think for yourself which is more important: another episode of the series or your healthy nervous system? Have you chosen? Then urgently order a thick eye mask (for yourself and all family members), a comfortable pillow, high-quality linen and put off things until tomorrow. After all, the best thing that you can do for yourself today is to get a good night's sleep.

The teacher-psychologist, weight correction consultant, nutritional behavior specialist, nutritionist Natalya Filippova understood the issue

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