What Results Achieved Fat Celebrities Fighting Overweight

What Results Achieved Fat Celebrities Fighting Overweight
What Results Achieved Fat Celebrities Fighting Overweight

Video: What Results Achieved Fat Celebrities Fighting Overweight

Video: What Results Achieved Fat Celebrities Fighting Overweight
Video: Obesity: A Deadly Risk | Body Image | Only Human 2023, March

We often talk about singers, actresses and TV personality fighting extra pounds. But men also want to be slim and attractive! We selected three famous representatives of the stronger sex, trying to lose weight, and analyzed their successes and mistakes.

Maxim Fadeev

Maxim Fadeev before and after (pictured on the right) serious work on himself. Feel the difference! Photo: Instagram

Producer Fadeev is a major figure in show business. And it's not only about the creative, but also about the physical parameters of Maxim, who recently weighed much more than a hundred kilograms. “It became impossible to live with it. I came up with my own weight loss system. When I finish everything, then, of course, I will share it,”Maxim said to the fans. Until the 51-year-old producer has reached the ideal form, but strives for it. “I cooked potatoes like a hunter! It turned out very tasty, but a bit greasy! I don't eat that, but my relatives sometimes ask, and I cook for them! " - Maxim said the other day. Such endurance can be envied! The producer is trying to accustom himself to regular training, and recently showed a video from a lesson in which breathing exercises are used.

It is possible that Fadeev cannot reach the desired weight due to the inability to disconnect from work problems. I wonder how much extra kilos did the recent break of the contract with Nargiz cost him?

Weight loss rules

Healthy eating. You can't overeat!

The diet should be tailored to the individual characteristics of the organism.

Regular exercise.

Sergey Mayorov

How Sergey Mayorov lost weight. Photo: Instagram

TV presenter Mayorov began to throw off the excess a couple of years ago. But now he has achieved incredible results! In August, 50-year-old Sergei was finally able to afford a very short haircut, as his face was reduced in volume by three times. Instead of chubby cheeks, expressive cheekbones and an accentuated oval of the face. But Sergei was an overweight middle-aged uncle, now he has become a fit man, about whom you cannot say that he is under fifty. His transformation is an excellent example of the fact that even those over forty can start living in a new body.

Weight loss rules

Overcome laziness.

Find an incentive (to look no worse than young colleagues in the frame).

Go for the right healthy diet.

Undergo a medical examination, solve health problems.

Get the support of loved ones during the period of active weight loss.

Losing weight, allow yourself your favorite high-calorie meals.

Evgeny Petrosyan

How Evgeny Petrosyan lost weight. Photo: Instagram

Of course, Evgeny Petrosyan never wore frank fat men, but he, like many middle-aged men, had certain difficulties with weight. Last year, the humorist began the divorce proceedings, and this summer he appeared before us not only single, but also fit. And all because with a new young lover, 73-year-old Yevgeny Vaganovich began to travel a lot and get a lot of positive emotions, pay more attention to his diet and appearance. The artist also visits the gym, where in one workout he does a set of 30 exercises.

Weight loss rules

A varied and healthy diet. Do not eat at night!

Work and travel in a pleasant company.

Individual trainings.

Most of the stars are nocturnal, and if one of them wants to lose weight, it is worth listening to the opinion of the candidate of medical sciences, nutritionist, gastroenterologist Irina POTYANOVA.

- For healthy weight loss, you need to go to bed before 11 pm, since it is from 11 pm to 1 am there is a peak release of the hormones melatonin and somatostatin, which play a colossal role in metabolic processes and fat burning, says Irina Potyanova. - When the sleep pattern is disturbed, little melatonin is produced, which leads to the deposition of fat mainly in the abdomen, chronic stress, depletion of the adrenal glands, premature aging and even greater weight gain.

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