5 Unconventional Ways To Lose Weight

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5 Unconventional Ways To Lose Weight
5 Unconventional Ways To Lose Weight

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If you think that healthy eating and sports are not enough to gain a slim figure, try unconventional ways to lose weight.

Losing weight is a concern for many women. Diets, dietary supplements, sports and other ways to get rid of excess weight are used. But there are also additional "helpers" that can speed up and consolidate the construction process.

Essential oils

The beneficial properties of essential oils have been known since ancient times. They can be used for cosmetic purposes, as the prevention of colds, to combat stress and depression. But other than that, essential oils are great weight loss aids. There are two ways to use oils - inhaling and applying to the body.

Appetite suppressant aroma

Mix 20 drops of peppermint, lemon and grapefruit oil and pour into a dark glass bottle, shake well. When it's time to eat, you can use the aroma lamp with this mixture, or simply take a few deep breaths straight from the bottle. These oils suppress appetite and lift your mood.

Anti-cellulite blend

Mix 10 drops each of lemon, grapefruit and 5 drops of bergamot oil, dissolve in 50 ml of base oil (avocado, coconut, olive, wheat germ, etc.). First, check on a small area of ​​your skin to see if the mixture is causing an allergy. If all is well, use the oil after showering on problem areas of the body to start “melting” the fat.

Color therapy

Different colors have different effects on our psycho-emotional state and thoughts. This can be used as an additional tool in the fight against excess weight. Blue, green, and purple all suppress appetite, so if you have trouble controlling portions, use these colors, or even blue or green lighting in your dining area. Red stimulates appetite, but it can also be used for weight loss, as red improves metabolism. Use red cups and glasses for water. In addition, you can get a red tracksuit and a towel to use after your workout to enhance your results.


How can sitting or lying in one position without burning calories at that moment contribute to weight loss? It turns out that meditation is an important part of the process of normalizing weight, because it is important not only what we eat and how we exercise, but also what thoughts and emotions arise during this process. Difficulty losing weight sometimes comes down to emotional problems that lead to breakdowns and rash snacks. Meditation helps to sort out complexes, beliefs, thoughts, stereotypes associated with food, so that it is easier to start eating consciously and not use food to deal with stress or to reward yourself.

Detox bath

Cleansing the body takes place not only from the inside, but also through the skin. In order to do this effectively, you should have a detox bath 1-2 times a week. This is a standalone procedure and should not be treated with soap, shower gel, or shampoo. Half an hour before your bath, drink 1-2 glasses of water and take a bottle with you to the bathroom, take a shower with a scrub and a hard washcloth to open your pores. Fill the bathtub with 37-38 degrees water and dissolve 2 tablespoons of baking soda or sea salt in it. Gradually increase this amount to 1-2 cups over the coming months. After bathing, shower and moisturize your skin with oil, such as the aroma mixture described above. This bath improves metabolism and helps to eliminate toxins.

If you seriously decide to start losing weight, do not rush to extremes and do not experiment on yourself.Diet pills, bracelets, patches are most often quackery that will not bring the desired results. Natural aids (essential oils, playing with color, mental exercises, baths) can help make weight loss easier and minimize stress. But keep in mind that the main thing is a healthy diet, physical activity and regular tests to make sure that the hormonal system is working properly.

Maksimova Marina Petrovna

Chief physician

Slimming belts

Weight loss stores offer "miracle belts" that burn fat. Most often, this is a neoprene wide belt that needs to be worn around the waist and sweat. The manufacturers claim that weight loss is due to the effect of the sauna. Sometimes there are belts with additional vibration or electrical stimulation. But we hasten to disappoint - there is no clinical evidence that this way you can get rid of fat folds. Losing weight occurs primarily due to the loss of fluid, not fat, which is also important in the early stages, but does not really affect the overall picture. In addition, excessive enthusiasm for such belts can lead to skin irritation, dehydration and even deformation of internal organs. But with moderate use, the fitness belt improves circulation, promotes slight weight loss, and provides good support for the lower back while correcting posture.

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