Volgogradka Told The Truth About Coronavirus Vaccination

Volgogradka Told The Truth About Coronavirus Vaccination
Volgogradka Told The Truth About Coronavirus Vaccination

Video: Volgogradka Told The Truth About Coronavirus Vaccination

Video: The Truth about COVID-19 Vaccines | The Agenda 2022, December

Lilia Egorova from Volgograd was recently vaccinated against COVID-19. She told about her health to "Volgogradskaya Pravda.ru".


As the girl admits, for a start, she studied the full list of contraindications and recommendations for vaccination with "Sputnik V" - age from 18 to 60 years, more than a month has passed since the flu shot, no pregnancy, does not breastfeed, has no chronic lung diseases, heart, did not have ARVI for the last 14 days, did not drink alcohol three days before vaccination.

On a randomly chosen day, Lilia came to the clinic.

“There were 3 people in front of me,” says the Volgograd woman. - At the entrance, I was immediately asked what organization I came from, and since I work in a higher education organization, I get into the first wave of priority in vaccination. The girl at the reception asked for my passport, SNILS and policy.

Then Lilia went to the doctor, filled out a consent form and a questionnaire about diseases, symptoms and medications used. After that, the temperature and pressure were measured in Volgograd, and the throat and nose were examined. Only after studying the girl's condition was she invited to the treatment room to administer the vaccine.

“It was painful,” says Lilia. - Everyone was very polite and nice to me. After the vaccination, I was invited to sit and rest for a while, while they were filling out the paperwork.

Volgogradka received a memo and a vaccination certificate.

“Everything, counting from the moment of arrival at the clinic, took 30 minutes,” the girl comments.

You cannot wet the vaccine for 24 hours, and after 21 days you need to enter the second component. According to Lilia, an hour after the injection, the entire muscle of her left arm and part of her neck ached, but after 2 hours everything went away.

The next day, by e-mail, she received a letter from the website of "State Service" about the need to keep a diary of well-being. Now the girl has no side effects, she feels well.

We will remind, on the eve of the polyclinic 28 announced the start of mass vaccination of Volgograd residents against coronavirus. You can get vaccinated daily. Read more here.

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