Why Stop Drinking And How To Do It? Blogger's Experience

Why Stop Drinking And How To Do It? Blogger's Experience
Why Stop Drinking And How To Do It? Blogger's Experience

Video: Why Stop Drinking And How To Do It? Blogger's Experience

Video: Here’s What Happens to Your Body When You Quit Drinking 2022, November

They say moderate amounts are beneficial.


Memory impairment, cirrhosis of the liver, an increased risk of developing diabetes mellitus, cancer and diseases of the cardiovascular system - this is just a small list of problems that alcohol consumption can cause. However, there are still many people who believe that the danger of alcoholic beverages is exaggerated.

Let's figure out why it is worth stopping drinking right now and how to do it correctly.

Why is alcohol harmful?

Alcohol negatively affects all organs of the human body. To begin with, every second alcoholic has problems with the cardiovascular system. 45% of people with alcoholism die from a heart attack. Alcohol also increases the risk of developing cirrhosis of the liver. Once in the blood, alcohol sticks together red blood cells, which contributes to the formation of blood clots. Even 100 grams of vodka kills 8,000 brain cells on average. Also, the use of alcoholic beverages has a detrimental effect on potency. Do not forget that more than 70% of murders in Russia are committed in a state of intoxication.

It is unlikely that all these consequences can give way to the illusion of relaxation, which alcohol gives for a short time.

In small amounts, alcohol is good for you! Is not it so?

It is widely believed that alcohol in moderation is not only harmless, but also beneficial to the body. First, it is quite difficult not to drink more than that "moderate" amount. Indeed, during dinner with friends, you may not even notice how, after the first glass, the hand reaches for the second.

Secondly, scientists have already debunked the myth about the benefits of alcohol. UN experts conducted a study in which more than 400 thousand people from 18 to 85 years old participated. Scientists have come to the conclusion that even small doses of alcohol have a negative effect on the state of the body.

How to stop drinking?

The most common causes of alcoholism include boredom, the need for relaxation and stress relief, and problems in your personal life or at work. To quit drinking requires finding a new way to meet these needs. Are you bored? Find a new hobby and immerse yourself in it.

Do you think that a couple of glasses of wine will help you relax? You are wrong, because alcohol only creates the illusion of relaxation. Find other ways to relieve stress. Anything can become them. For example, chatting with friends. If you drink because of problems in your personal life or at work, you should be aware that alcohol only aggravates these problems.

Then you should answer yourself the question: why should you stop drinking? For a successful result, you must have a clear goal in front of your eyes. Most often, people refuse alcohol because of its negative effects on the body or deterioration of relationships with loved ones due to alcoholic beverages.

If you are having trouble quitting alcohol on your own, you can seek help from a doctor. There is nothing to be ashamed about. On the contrary, it will take you a step towards a healthy lifestyle.

Personal experience. Ilnar Izmailov's story

Ilnar Izmailov was, as he says, "a drunken alcoholic." In a video on the YouTube channel, Izmailov told a personal story of how he quit drinking.

“I started with one bottle of beer, then I started drinking two, and then everything went on and on,” says Ilnar. To give up alcohol, he made an effort on himself and admitted to himself: "I am an alcoholic." It was this honest confession that helped Izmailov overcome his addiction. Another step was to forgive oneself for all the thoughtless acts committed under the influence of alcohol.“If you think about past sins, there is a chance that you will break down,” says Ilnar. Izmailov warns that getting rid of the drinking habit is difficult, because for a successful result, you need to change your lifestyle. Moreover, it is important to believe in success. Only by believing in yourself will alcohol be erased from your life!

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