Resistance Heroes Want To Deceive A Poor Man Again

Resistance Heroes Want To Deceive A Poor Man Again
Resistance Heroes Want To Deceive A Poor Man Again

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People who sympathize with the current protest have one very simple but reasonable argument in their favor. They say: poverty. They say: how are we living? We live hard.

They say: it's hard for us, and all of you are telling us about some kind of geopolitics, about all there spirituality, bad America and love for the motherland. Where's the money, Zin? And there is a lot of truth in this.

Indeed, a large and long drop in oil and gas prices, an increase in the retirement age, a covid crisis and, most importantly, the stubborn desire of all kinds of bosses to make money on people and their world by any means, if only more, more - taxes, fees, extortions, fines, parking, interest, building, communal, and there is no end to all this - all this makes our people feel that if in the zero years we lived a little better every day than before, now we live a little worse, and a little more, and Alice everything falls and falls, and when and where it will fall is not clear. All this, I repeat, is true.

But when, with these very thoughts and feelings, people go to a rally - or at least sympathize with it from afar - organized by citizens of the circle of Navalny, Volkov, Guriev, Milov, Sobol, etc., it’s as if they, suffering from a headache, went to pharmacy and demanded from the aunt in the window:

- Do you have a guillotine? Give the guillotine!

I will tell you one little secret, just in your ear, in a whisper. Will not help.

More precisely, it will help, but - to cope not with what you are complaining about, but with the one who, in fact, is complaining. To drive him to a place from which it is already pointless to protest, because you just need to survive.

It's unpleasant, of course. It can be difficult for a person to come to terms with this: something oppresses him - and an alternative seems to be offered, but it is not only not better, but also much worse than what he has. Nevertheless, sobriety is the norm, albeit sad.

If you live in the Russian Empire in 1916, and you live modestly - there is a five-room apartment, there are only a couple of servants, all with their own labor, but the damned autocracy outrages, well, how much more to endure - there is no point in trying on a red bow. He may suit someone, but not you.

If you live in the Soviet Union of 1941, live poorly and poorly, a room in a communal apartment, walk to work, and for being late - a-ta-ta, but your name is, say, Yakov Samuilovich - there is no point in waiting for the Germans. Just trust them - they won't solve your problems.

If you live in the Soviet Union in 1990, work in a mine or at a factory, and you naturally dislike many things - queues, shortages - there is no point in shouting: Yeltsyn! Spruce-tsyn! Well … how can I tell you … It won't end well for you, and that's all.

The liberal opposition, the elite core of which consists of the same people who have arranged our economic life since the nineties, well, or their followers, admirers and epigones, or even just citizens who call themselves "libertarians" (don't ask, a Satanist in Russia to be somewhat more humane), - will not build a welfare state for you.

Why? Well, you see, the wolf does not guard the yard, the fire does not get wet, but Guriev, Chichvarkin, Katz, Koch, etc. - did not come to our sinful world to show you the wonders of Scandinavian socialism, Keynesian capitalism or some other ism that will give you something useful.

The idea of ​​fighting the current state is not to give people a lot more pensions, salaries, hospitals, affordable medicines, low subsidized tariffs, gas pipes, benefits, scholarships and other goodies, as they said in my hippie childhood.

It consists in taking - if for yourself, and giving - if for abroad.Crimea, unrecognized republics, disputed territories, the Arctic, serious weapons, large state property - this should be given away. Power, money, dachas, flashing lights, contracts, interesting schemes and the right places - this is to take away.

And, another gay parade. You can hold a gay parade. Now it is impossible - spirituality does not allow - but then it will be possible. No, it’s already yesterday, so there’s going to be an LGBTQuplus parade.

Well, about salaries, pensions, benefits and hospitals - you will have to write to Sportloto. "You fought for freedom, didn't you?" - the winners will ask you. So here it is, freedom: if you want - ask for alms, if you want - sell vodka near the metro, if you want - in guest workers.

It's hard to believe that, I understand. It is hard to believe that a tired, dissatisfied, laden with cares and, to put it mildly, not rich person - the so-called heroes of resistance at the turn of history are going to deceive and rob even much more. And so after all, life is difficult, the apartment is small, there are many problems.

How could it be worse?

Nevertheless, I recommend that you treat with all caution those who knock on your door and speak kindly, but, you know, so quickly, quickly: “freedom dignity down with fear sign a piece of paper honest people imperial aggression all in the world our friends will sign a piece of paper live like in germany we will live like in switzerland sign sign a piece of paper bad we all kick out the good we hire justice freedom good light really sign a piece of paper?"

Don't sign anything and close the door.

Source: Dmitry Olshansky's blog

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