Unexpected Pros: Is There Sex After 50

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Unexpected Pros: Is There Sex After 50
Unexpected Pros: Is There Sex After 50

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50 years is a milestone date in the life of any person. It is often associated with significant changes, including in the intimate sphere. What difficulties in sex do people face after half a century? What advantages do older lovers have over younger ones? And what helps to maintain youth and sexual activity?


Unexpected pros for men

In men, by the age of 50, there is a decrease in the production of the male sex hormone - testosterone. As a result, the rate of establishment of an erection and the growth of sexual arousal decreases.

However, the main problem is not a physical one. Hormones continue to be produced at a sufficient level, and the effect of age-related changes is not always negative: although an erection is established more slowly, it also lasts longer.

But the psychological discomfort from these changes can really harm your sex life. The need for a longer foreplay, the fear of a final failure - all this is aggravated by a general deterioration in physical condition.

The society that condemns "age sex" is also pressing. It is believed that it is even harmful and reduces the quality of life of an aging organism.

On average, Russians stop having sex at 45, sociologist Dmitry Rogozin said in an interview with Anews. But there are no objective reasons for this.

“Even after 80 years, the average man produces about 60% of the testosterone level that he had in his youth,” comments on the situation at the Russian Institute of Gerontology. “In addition, having retired by age, men stop being nervous and tired at work and devote more time to their health and keeping in good shape.”

By being careful with your body, you may find that age also provides benefits. In addition to the aforementioned longer erection, the plus is the need for prolonged foreplay - after all, foreplay is loved by the vast majority of women.

And some experts note that with age, the fundamental difference in the production of sex hormones disappears (in men, it reaches its peak in the morning, in women - in the late evening).



And what about women?

For women, the 50th anniversary marks a major change associated with menopause, after which the ability to conceive and bear children is lost. This causes psychological discomfort. In addition, women perceive aging more painfully, and against this background they may stop taking care of themselves altogether.

Menopause can also negatively affect your physical condition, for example, in vaginal dryness, which makes intercourse more difficult and increases the likelihood of infection.

Nevertheless, experts urge not to despair and remember that menopause and the associated period of menopause are not difficult for everyone. And even those who are unlucky can overcome the vast majority of difficulties with the help of modern ointments and hormone therapy prescribed by a doctor.

“It's too early to write off a woman in her early 50s,” says one of the visitors to an online resource for women. - After all, the main part of the duty to oneself and nature is fulfilled, the children have grown up and live their own lives. So it's time to move to new heights and achievements.

Yes, the onset of menopause brings discomfort in terms of sex due to dryness, and hot flashes (a feeling of heat in the body) discourage anyone from wanting anything. But we do not live in the Stone Age, and medicine has made great strides forward. When I was tight, I went to the gynecologist with a complaint about the symptoms of menopause. By selection and sampling, we still found something that really helped me.

After I got rid of the symptoms of menopause, I can say that I continue to live a full life.And sex in my life is not only present, but brings pleasure."

The female body after menopause not only does not lose the ability to receive sexual pleasure - in some cases, this ability even increases. This is due to the accumulated experience, and to the fact that you no longer have to worry about unwanted pregnancy.

“In the West, women over 60 say that they only felt their sexuality after going through menopause. I was embarrassed about something, but then I relaxed and began to listen to my body."

- says Dmitry Rogozin.



Intimate diet

As already noted, the adjustments made by age in life, in many respects, relate to the need to be more attentive to their physical shape and health. And one of the main components here is proper nutrition. Here are some foods that will help you maintain, maintain, and develop your sexual desire:

  • Men will be useful nuts and seeds - they have a lot of vitamin E, which improves potency.
  • Rejuvenation of the body and improvement of metabolism will help black currant berries… During the season, black currants should be consumed three to four times a week.
  • Cereal mixes, muesli and porridge, enriched with vitamins, supply the body with energy, support the normal functioning of the nervous system, enhance sexual arousal and pleasure from sex.
  • Nutritionists recommend that representatives of the sterner sex finish their meal with a few pieces. dark chocolate, in which there is a plant, identical to the male, hormone responsible for sexual arousal. Plus, chocolate is a great mood enhancer and one of the healthiest desserts ever.
  • Drinking a cup once a day is good. cocoa without sugar… Cocoa contains substances that increase the sensitivity of the whole body, including the skin, at the lightest touch.
  • Improving your well-being and avoiding a negative psychological state will help a lot. bananas… These fruits are a globally recognized stimulant for the production of the "happiness hormone" - serotonin.
  • Men who love meat should absolutely not deny themselves the pleasure of eating a good beef steak. Beef rich in zinc, which enhances libido. It also increases the content of testosterone in the body, and thereby enhances potency.
  • Women should pay attention to products containing phytoestrogens: plant compounds similar in their effects to estrogen. Such products include, for example, soybeans, flax seeds, oats, barley, rice, lentils, apples, carrotsand grenades… However, experts still believe that it is most effective to take phytoestrogens as part of special complex preparations after consulting a doctor.

Is sex harmful? No - necessary

Today, many sexologists not only refute the established opinion about the dangers of intimate relationships for the elderly. On the contrary, they say that sex should be done for health.

“Sex is good for you,” says Joanie Blank, 63, who has been a sex therapist for over 25 years. - You should continue to have full sex for the same reason you should continue to exercise. Wake up your body again if it is asleep. Do it whether you like it or not."

"The less frequent sexual intercourse, the sooner atrophic processes occur in the vagina and external genital organs of a woman and, of course, the ability to maintain an optimal erection in a man."

- adds Doctor of Medical Sciences Elena Silantyeva.

“It is our moral obligation to be sexually active,” says sexologist and gerontologist Walter Bortz. “Some older women might tell me," I don't care about sex anymore. " Then I will answer: "You must do this, as it will improve the quality of your life."

She will say, "Isn't it okay to stop having sex when the desire is gone?" And I will say: "No."We agree that it is necessary to exercise even if we don’t feel like it.

Physical touch and romantic relationships must be present in our lives to the last breath."

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