Five Common Home Workout Mistakes

Five Common Home Workout Mistakes
Five Common Home Workout Mistakes

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Pilates coach Anna Grigorieva spoke about the mistakes people often make in home workouts. Her article about this was published in Flacon magazine.

When bending the body, the neck hurts. The specialist noted that when a person sits a lot and constantly looks down into his gadget, the back of the neck is overstretched, and the front is shortened compensatory. As a result, during abdominal exercises, the muscles of the neck are first involved in the movement, and the muscles receive insufficient load. The trainee should remember that the torso needs to be bent, and the head should rise after him. In the bar, only the back is strained. It is probably worth changing the angle of the pelvis. The coach advises to try to tilt the pelvis back and round the lower back, focus on the sensations in the lower abdomen. It is she who should work in the bar. Squatting knees hurt. More attention should be paid to the angles of flexion and the even distribution of weight over the foot. If in a neutral position on the floor your feet already stand differently, then on your own, without consulting a trainer, it is better not to squat at all. After training with dumbbells, only the muscles of the trapezium are felt. There are two possible errors here. Either the person overestimated his strength and took heavy dumbbells for himself, or he made the wrong movements. The maximum angle of lifting the arm to the side is 70 degrees from the body. This is substantially below the parallel with the floor. For those who ignore this rule, the muscles in the neck and upper traps increase much faster than in the arms. The buttocks remain flat even after exercise. Most likely, the load is being directed to the wrong areas. In the pelvic area, a person has many smaller muscles that help the gluteus maximus to move the leg back. More often than not, they work instead of her. Attention should be paid to the angle of the leg back. For example, you can do the exercise very slowly to get a feel for which muscles are being turned on.

If the above problems in training concern you too, the specialist advises you to correct your exercises with a professional trainer.

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Anna Grigorieva is a fitness trainer, founder of the dynamic Pilates studio Studio2.

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