Genetics In Bodybuilding: Truth Or Fiction

Genetics In Bodybuilding: Truth Or Fiction
Genetics In Bodybuilding: Truth Or Fiction

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Scientific facts


Genetic predisposition has a definite effect on the growth of muscle tissue. Heritable abilities are paramount to success. Fast metabolism, structure and density of muscles give a lot. And without natural talent and inclinations, the path to victory becomes difficult. For professional athletes, genetic fitness and athletic performance are inextricably intertwined. But for ordinary amateurs, genetics in bodybuilding is not so important and will not interfere with training.

Well-known data

A famous swimmer who has set 37 world records, Michael Phelps has an arm span of more than 2 m (with a height of 193 cm) and a 47th leg size. The unique physical structure makes the American an athletic phenomenon.

Usain Bolt, a multiple Olympic champion, is built to run. It is unlikely that an athlete from Jamaica would set records if he were short and short-legged.

El Sonbati argued that the science of genes is nothing more than the simple ability to accept chemical elements that have a strong effect on the body, without harming our well-being. He died at the age of 47 from kidney failure. This is suggestive of the correctness of the beliefs.

Winners of the title "Mr. Olympia": Ronnie Coleman, Phil Heath, Jay Cutler - bodybuilders with unique genetic data.

For the sake of victory, athletes of a professional level can use any means, including pharmacology.

No extremes

You can put the body in order, give relief and beautiful shapes by increasing muscle tissue and strength characteristics, avoiding extremes. But there are difficulties here too. Natural data can significantly interfere with the desired success. Achieving significant results will be hard work for an ectomorph and will take longer than for a mesomorph.

There are many reasons why muscle growth is slow. The structure of the body is individual for each person, including the muscular structure. The increase in volume depends on the following factors:

the number of fibers and small vessels;

hormonal state;

duration of protein biosynthesis;


proportions and features of body parts.

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Bodybuilding without reference to genetics: pros and cons

Genetic predisposition increases progress and speeds up the muscle building process. The main thing is to pay due attention to regular training for positive dynamics.

People who are less fortunate with genes need to create an individual training plan and work on themselves every day. Body composition analysis will help you achieve your goal. Do not blame misfortunes on bad genetics, this only slows down development and does not bring you closer to the result. It is unlikely that it will be possible to win the world championships, but it will be possible to pump higher than an ordinary gym client.

Main advantages:

In the process of training, the spinal muscles develop, which will help maintain a slender posture until old age, and the worked out abdominal muscles are the prevention of diseases of the internal organs, not to mention the strengthening of the respiratory and cardiovascular systems.

Bodybuilders hardly ever experience osteochondrosis.

An athletic figure builds self-confidence.

Scientists have proven that strength training can have anti-aging effects. After 35 years, bodybuilding can significantly reduce the metabolic processes of the body, especially in combination with diets that exclude the abundant intake of foods saturated with fats.

A special bodybuilding training system designed to train the heart muscle helps to make the vessel walls more elastic.

A moderate pulse and normal blood pressure are with the athlete even in old age.


The main side effect of training is the constant need for sports, otherwise the muscles can lose elasticity and sag.

An athlete is often forced to take large quantities of anabolic steroids and proteins to build up mass. Due to the use of which the muscles grow, but some organs wear out and become overgrown with fat, and this is a great danger to the heart and blood vessels.

Long-term use of steroids can cause headaches, hair loss, aggression, depression, problems with potency, depletion of the hormonal system, nervous breakdown, and many other serious health problems.

The mystery of triumph

Achieving outstanding results is possible, despite genes and predispositions, with a strong desire and perseverance. The ability to achieve a set goal under any circumstances is one of the main qualities of a leader in sports and in life. Phil Heath, winner of the Mr. Olympia title for seven years in a row, is asthenic in physique. Thin and narrow-shouldered, thanks to daily hard work, he expanded his shoulder girdle.

Natural tendencies are not a verdict, but a basis for a serious approach to exercise regimen, proper nutrition and recovery period. The more difficult the path, the more interesting it is to go, the more desirable and valuable the result obtained. Believe in yourself and don't give up!

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