Question To An Expert: Cupping Massage - Benefit Or Harm?

Question To An Expert: Cupping Massage - Benefit Or Harm?
Question To An Expert: Cupping Massage - Benefit Or Harm?

Video: Question To An Expert: Cupping Massage - Benefit Or Harm?

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Canned or as it is also called vacuum massage is experiencing another surge in popularity. A few years ago, it was considered nothing more than an outdated "grandmother's" way of treating colds, and now photos with round bruises on the back are posted on social networks by celebrities. Recently, an Instagram photo with a laconic caption "Greetings from the USSR, fiery!" shared Ekaterina Klimova.


But she is not the only one who turns to the ancient Chinese practice of healing - vacuum cupping massage.

Justin Bieber's beloved model Hailey Baldwin (Steven's daughter and Alec Baldwin's niece) recently shared photos with subscribers on the social network after the vacuum massage procedure.


Swimmer Michael Phelps puts cans on a regular basis. This is how the athlete relieves muscle pain after training.

Singer Madonna relieves nervous tension with the help of cans


Why do celebrities resort to ancient Chinese healing methods and should they follow their example?

Natalya Aketova, spa esthetician of the health and beauty center "Golden Mandarin"

“Vacuum massage has been used since ancient times to treat various diseases and improve body contours, but, unfortunately, recently it has been undeservedly forgotten. I would like to dwell on its aesthetic component and anti-cellulite technique."

What does a vacuum massage can give?

More about fighting cellulite

There are many of us, but he is one: how to defeat cellulite Research of the US Beauty Institute has shown that only one in ten women in the world between the ages of 20 and 45 does not suffer from cellulite. Cellulite occurs in supermodels, dancers, athletes - those who systematically follow diets and lead a healthy lifestyle. Why does this happen and how to defeat cellulite? During a cupping massage, the splitting of fatty seals and adipose tissue occurs due to vacuum, that is, mechanical action. At the same time, due to the withdrawal of excess fluid from the body, lymph stagnation is absorbed, blood circulation is accelerated, edema is removed, and the work of the musculoskeletal system improves. The cells are saturated with oxygen, metabolic processes in the body begin to occur faster, which leads to the elimination of visible manifestations of cellulite. Cells are renewed faster, which helps to preserve youthfulness of the skin, its healthy tone and elasticity. Biological points on the body are activated, due to which there is a general improvement in the state of the body. With the help of vacuum cupping massage you can:

improve body contours tighten skin remove orange peel speed up metabolism

What should not be done during a massage with cups? All movements during vacuum massage should be directed only from bottom to top towards the lymph nodes. It is important to regulate the strength of the vacuum. After all, if you pull in a fold of skin very strongly, you can disrupt the integrity of the blood and lymph vessels. And damaged lymphatic vessels have little chance of recovery, leading to swelling and health problems.

Can you do vacuum massage yourself? I strongly recommend not to self-medicate, but to see a specialist. I often meet women with "loose, broken, edematous" cellulite, which has arisen as a result of poor-quality canned massage. Such skin defects are much more difficult to correct than the original problem.

Banks or machines? In the arsenal of cosmetologists and spa therapists there are many hardware procedures, the principle of which is based, among other things, on the effect of a vacuum. These devices, subject to the protocols of the procedure, are safe: the program itself calculates the strength of the vacuum.The first sessions are always held at minimum power, so that there is no tissue damage and the body can adapt to the impact. The effect of such procedures manifests itself much faster, and it is also safer for blood vessels than classic banks.

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