Why Can't You Pump Up Your Ass? Errors In Exercises For The Buttocks. Trainer Tips

Why Can't You Pump Up Your Ass? Errors In Exercises For The Buttocks. Trainer Tips
Why Can't You Pump Up Your Ass? Errors In Exercises For The Buttocks. Trainer Tips

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For rounded shapes, an integrated approach is needed - we were convinced of this together with a fitness trainer.

Every girl dreams of beautiful shapes, in particular of toned buttocks. And then she comes into the hall with the only reinforced concrete purpose - to pump up the ass. A month or two flies by, but there is still no result. What is the reason? Ekaterina Nekrasova, top coach of the World Class network, reports.

Let's start with the basics: anatomy of the gluteus muscles

Before you understand why the buttocks do not grow, you should understand the anatomy and understand how they work.

When drawing up a training program, you should take into account the structure of the muscles of the buttocks and use each of them in the training.

How do the muscles of the buttocks grow?

The muscles of the buttocks increase in volume and grow in the same way as other muscles in our body. She needs to get enough physical activity and the required amount of building material - protein. After the muscle is loaded, the recovery process starts, this happens after about 24 hours. Muscles damaged by physical exertion begin to remove waste products from tissues and require the body to supply amino acids. It is important to know here that muscle recovery and growth occurs only in a state of rest, rest.

The reasons why the growth of the buttocks is impossible

Now let's move on to what interferes with normal muscle growth. These factors can be attributed to the most common mistakes.

Workout intensity

This is the most important aspect for the growth of the buttocks. It is necessary to perform the exercise of such complexity that the muscles literally "break" so that a burning sensation is felt. If your workout is light, you are not sweating, it is not hard for you, do not expect round shapes.

Lack of rest

We have already understood that muscle growth occurs during rest. In pursuit of a pumped-up booty, you should not load your buttocks in every workout. Work up your back or abs - let your buttocks recover.

Kinetic chain

Also, we must not forget that it will not be possible to pump up the buttocks alone. The proportional development of all muscle groups is important. Without a beautiful elastic back, for example, there will never be inflated buttocks. And what should they, in fact, hold on to?

Can't feel the target muscle

To build a beautiful ass, it is important to do the exercise deliberately, to feel the muscle. If, when performing an exercise on the buttocks, you are in the clouds and move mechanically, automatically, there is a risk of pumping up your legs. Try to focus completely on the exercise. Develop a neuromuscular connection between the muscles and the brain. After all, all signals come to us from the brain, set the task for him to concentrate on the muscles.

Improper nutrition

Food must be energetically valuable, otherwise the body will have nowhere to take resources to build new muscles. Eat enough protein, carbohydrates, fat, and fiber.

Now you know what needs to be done for muscle growth, and what, on the contrary, can hinder progress. If, after a few weeks of regular exercise, you still cannot change the size or shape of your buttocks even slightly, then you need to start stretching the hip extensor muscles. Do these movements throughout the day. Your extensors may not have enough elasticity and interfere with the work of the buttocks, since the functions of these muscles are exactly the opposite.

If the extensors are more rigid, then the gluteal muscles cannot actively work during strength exercises. It should be noted here that the hardness of the extensor muscles can increase due to prolonged sitting.Nowadays, many people lead a sedentary lifestyle and this situation can be considered normal.

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