How To Equip A Gym At Home? Home Workout Equipment. Coach Advises

How To Equip A Gym At Home? Home Workout Equipment. Coach Advises
How To Equip A Gym At Home? Home Workout Equipment. Coach Advises

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Simple equipment makes your workouts even more effective.

Summer is approaching, and quarantine does not allow you to go to your favorite gym. But this is not a reason to give up. After all, a small fitness space can be built at home. Together with Ekaterina Nekrasova, top coach of the World Class network, we have selected ten items of sports equipment that will make homework more effective and help you achieve a beautiful, toned figure.


Working on the floor is painful, uncomfortable and, in the end, dirty. To avoid uncomfortable sensations, buy a good, thick rug. Not to be confused with a yoga mat: it is much longer and thinner.


This is the first thing to focus on in the classroom. After all, no strength training is complete without them. You can take several dumbbells of different weight categories to work out different muscle groups. The second option is to purchase collapsible dumbbells. They take up less space and are easy to assemble and disassemble to the weight you need.

Fitness rubber bands

There are a lot of advantages of fitness rubber bands: compactness, different levels of resistance, the ability to put on any part of the body and take it with you. Elastic bands are especially useful for giving firmness to the muscles of the legs and buttocks. They are also useful for those who have knee problems and have contraindications for lunges and squats.

Tubular expander

It is a rubber latex tube with handles at the ends. The expander is primarily famous for the fact that during the exercise, the load is distributed over the entire range of motion. Great for training back and arm muscles.

Rubber hinges

These are rubber bands of various thicknesses - depending on the resistance. The loops are suitable for strength training and have a firmer texture than a tubular expander. In this regard, they offer higher resistance.


The large rubber ball is mainly used to strengthen the abdominal muscles, back, lower back, and buttocks. Stabilizing muscles are involved in training with fitball. This improves posture and strengthens the core. The most common fitball size is 65 cm.


It is a ball-shaped weights ranging from 1 to 20 kg. Medball is used in intense training aimed at developing indicators such as endurance, speed and agility. It will help diversify your homework.

Hinges TRX

Loops for suspended training allow you to work with your own body weight, but due to the unstable position, absolutely all muscle groups are included in the exercises. The advantage of such loops is that they help to strengthen the muscle corset and develop stabilizers.

Gliding discs

They are small circular discs on which sliding exercises are performed on the floor. Such exercises give an incredible load on all muscles, because you have to overcome the friction force. The equipment is ideal for home use, maximizes the variety of workouts and includes those muscles that you did not even know about.

Massage roller

Self-massage cylindrical roller that will help release tension and relax. With the help of a roller and the pressure of your own body weight, you will massage all muscle groups. By regularly working out the body in this way, you can restore the functionality of the muscles, their firmness and elasticity.

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